16 stages of getting dressed

I don’t know about you guys, but I go through this process at least 3 mornings a week (basically whenever I have to leave the house because those are the only days I try and wear clothes). Clothes suck. But also I love clothes. Without further ado, here are my 16 stages of getting dressed in the morning!

1. Fuck, I think I just stood on an earring.

2. *throws open wardrobe* Look at all the clothes I have, with not a single thing I actually feel like wearing!

3. It’s too cold to wear that dress without a jacket, but I don’t have a jacket that goes with this dress…

4. That top looks great with this skirt and it’d look bomb with a pair of heels but I’m doing a lot of walking today and don’t want to wear heels ugh.

5. I really just want to wear this black t-shirt but I wore it yesterday, but I didn’t see any of my friends so nobody will actually know (or care really).

6. It’s fine to wear head-to-toe black, right?

7. Maybe I’ll wear my navy blue shoes to spice things up a bit.

8. Can I actually be arsed to wear jewellery today? Who am I trying to kid, of course I can.

9. Is it going to rain today? Because I’ll need a raincoat and my raincoat looks AWFUL with this outfit.

10. You know that feeling when you put on a brand new pair of tights and LADDER THEM FROM CROTCH TO FOOT IN LESS THAN TEN MINUTES FML.

11. I still haven’t decided on a jacket.

12. Fuck it, leather goes with anything.

13. Should I put on a different top? I don’t know if I’m feeling this one anymore.

14. Shit, I needed to leave the house in 2 minutes and I don’t even have my shoes on yet.

15. Shoes are ON and I am exactly on time.

16. Wait, what bag am I taking?

What are your stages of getting dressed? Hit me up in the comments!

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