2000 Trees Festival 2016

Festival season for me this year is now officially over, and this is a sad thing. Last week I had the pleasure of going to 2000 Trees in Cheltenham as an early birthday trip for one of my best friends, and we had a cracking time.

2000 Trees is a festival I’ve known about for a few years but never had much of an opportunity to go to until now. I can’t get over how small it was – the entire festival was pretty much the same size as one of the Download campsites, it was tiny! I loved it, the main stage was about a 5 minute walk from the tent which is a huge novelty. The campsites were really small and the toilets were the cleanest festival toilets I’ve ever seen.

However, considering it’s only a 5000-capacity festival, my group had more problems than we ever have at large festivals. I had someone steal all the money from my purse which I left in the tent which wasn’t cool, and some bloke attached shards of glass to his jacket and jumped in the pit, cutting my friend up. I mean really, who the hell does that?

Bad shit aside though, the setting of the festival was actually beautiful – the Forest Stage is a tiny little stage set in a forest, of course, which is a really nice place to chill out and watch some acoustic music. Shoutout to Frank Turner, Twin Atlantic, Creeper, Counterfeit and Arcane Roots for being my favourite sets of the weekend.

The food was alright – they had a good selection at hideous festival prices but it was great to see Hall’s Dorset Smokery there, being one of my favourite food stalls I always see at festivals but they were missing from Download this year.


 As with all festivals I go to, it was great to see old friends and meet new ones! Also a special mention goes to my friend’s mum for fronting a fair bit of money towards our tickets as we’re all skint and it was a lovely thing to do. I didn’t manage to get many photos in the name of preserving phone battery but I hope you enjoyed a couple of the best ones.

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