2000 Trees Festival 2018

2018 saw my attendance to my third 2000 Trees Festival and it’s quickly solidified itself as one of my favourite places to be. While, personally, not having one of the best lineups for me this year, there were some incredible bands who I love and I had an absolutely fantastic time.

The Music

Enter Shikari closing the festival headlining main stage was a particular highlight for me, being one of my favourite bands it was fantastic to see them in such a setting. Vukovi, another favourite band, kicked things off on the Thursday perfectly for me to jump straight into the pit and have a cracking time.

A heartwarming Scott Hutchison tribute in the acoustic Forest set let me have a really cathartic cry, with a beautiful cover of Poke from Andy Oliveri who I’ve seen before and love.

Fave sets of the weekend for me came from Shikari, Gallops, Vukovi, Arcane Roots, Marmozets, Turbowolf and SHVPES. 2000 Trees always has the best silent disco too – Friday night was especially good this year. Only at Trees can you get away with half of the songs they play there but it was so good, the DJs always know what to bring out.

The Food

Food-wise, I am always in love with the selection at 2000 Trees; while there’s the occasional burger van, 2000 Trees really go in on making sure their selection of food is absolutely fantastic, especially for veggie and vegan options. Becky’s Bhajis are the best onion bhajis you’ll ever have in your life, I had soul-cleansing halloumi from Hungry Toad and Smoking Buns did an entirely vegan puled jackfruit and chipotle bun which saved my hungover ass.

The Shoutouts

One of my favourite things about Trees is that it’s so easy to discover new bands that are great. Some of my finds of the weekend include The Xcerts, Soeur, Mauwe and Ben Marwood, all of whom I’ve heard of but never listened to.

A further shoutout as always goes to all of my friends just for being the best! While we had a relatively small squad this year, I bumped into so many people who I knew and got to hang out with which was sick.

The Photos

Take a look at my photo diary below – terrible photo quality but you can’t blame me, it was a festival!

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Rou Reynolds - Enter Shikari Acoustic Forest set, 2000 Trees 2018

Rou Reynolds - Enter Shikari Acoustic Forest set, 2000 Trees 2018

2000 Trees Squad Gypsy Shrine gems - The Colour Chronicles Rou Reynolds - Enter Shikari Forest set, 2000 Trees 2018 Enter Shikari - 2000 Trees 2018

Soeur - 2000 Trees 2018

BFFS - 2000 Trees 2018

BFFS - 2000 Trees 2018

BFFS - 2000 Trees 2018

Vukovi - 2000 Trees 2018

2000 Trees 2018

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