2018 In Outfits

One thing I said at the start of 2018 was I wanted to do more outfit posts, and I can safely say I actually managed that! I’ve spent my time this year getting a lot more experimental with my fashion tastes. 2018 was the year I fully embraced animal prints of any variety, admitted my love for a good jumper and really threw a load of colour into my wardrobe.

Below are a few of my favourite outfits from the year!

The LOTD Red Vinyl Trousers

I was really kindly sent a few items from LOTD, including these trousers and leopard print jacket. You know when you put on an outfit that allows you to pretend you’re living your rockstar dreams? That’s me in this outfit. Brb just staring longingly into the distance dreaming of touring the world.

Red vinyl trousers & leopard print jacket | LOTD

The Mermaid Jeans

I’m a complete magpie, when it comes to anything shiny I’m all over it. These jeans screamed out to me as soon as I saw them. SO. SHINY.

Mermaid Jeans

The Zara Floral Dress

This summer was a bitch, wasn’t it? It was SO HOT. I’ve never been much of a fan of summer. I’d always rather curl up in a massive jumper and get cosy as, but unfortunately summer does actually exist. This Zara dress got me through most of it. Light, floaty and comfortable but still pretty cool. Love it.

Zara floral dress

The H&M Silver Shirt

This is quite honestly a shirt of my dreams. Crop tops will always remain a staple favourite in my wardrobe, but when they’re shiny and silver too what’s not to love? This outfit followed me around festival season. Special shoutout to the Doc Martens as well, as you can tell from most of my outfit posts I wear them a lot. Eternally. Always.

Shiny silver H&M crop top

The Tartan Trousers 1.0

2018 saw me buy not one, not two, but three pairs of red tartan trousers. Do I have any regrets? No. Tartan is life. These are a slightly more formal style of trouser but I really like dressing them down with something sheer and cool, and adding a sick pair of boots with them.

Red tartan Primark trousers

The Skirt

I’ll admit it, I’ve never really been one for skirts. No pockets, hassle, always too short on me, never look right. I bought this pink pleather skirt from New Look ages ago but it took forever for me to work out how to wear it and what felt comfortable. I think it’s pretty kickass with this lil leopard print shirt though.

The Colour Chronicles | Leather and Leopard Print Alternative Fashion

The Leopard Print Love Affair

Are you guys starting to get that I love leopard print yet? Found these trousers in Topshop from the brand Daisy Street and actually think I squealed at my best mate. Low and behold, they came firmly home with me and a love affair began. I still have issues working out what tops to wear them with but I’ll work it out. Suggestions welcome!

Leopard print trousers from Daisy Street

The Colour Explosion

Honestly this outfit is basically like someone challenged me to see how many primary colours I could wear at once. What’s a good pair of fishnets without at least one rip in them as well? Colour makes me happy and for some reason always feels safe to me when it comes to putting an outfit together.

The Colour Chronicles | Colourful Fashion

The All-Black Outfit

Conversely to the colour explosion, wearing all black always feels strange to me. I think it makes me look too much like I never left my teenage emo phase and at any given moment I’m going to start saying rawr XD. That being said, it took a badass all-black outfit to change that but I’m embracing it. These pleather trousers would look odd with anything else I think, but I had to throw a little colour in there somewhere with the hair, makeup and shoes.

Vegan leather trousers | The Colour Chronicles

The Tartan Trousers 2.0

Thesetartan trousers are as soft as pyjamas but cute and fitted with a paperbag waist – instant love. I matched them with my trusty Topman acid-wash denim jacket, a long-sleeve from Feel The Pulse and some cute little silver brouges. Instant comfort in one go.

The Winter Survival Kit

I LOVE this outfit. The Docs are vegan purple chrome and I got them for £55 in the boxing day sales – an absolute steal. As for the jumper, my girl Jess at Foxxtailz hunted it down for me from Primark and sent me it because my local didn’t have it. Rainbow, leopard print jumper? I couldn’t NOT. It was described by my friend as “the most Kim thing ever”. Solid review, that.

Vegan Chrome Dr Martens

What were your favourite outfits this year? Did you fall in love with any style or fashion items? Let me know!

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