6 Bands To Catch At Download Festival

With Download Festival officially next month, I’m starting to get myself hyped for festival season.

This year’s Download has one of the best lineups I’ve seen for some years. There are so many artists I already love and new ones I’ve found who are playing in 2019, so I’ve compiled a list of the ones I can’t wait to see. Take a look through my top 6 bands to catch at Download Festival!

Download Festival 2018

Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari are one of my favourite bands on the planet. I’ll never pass up an opportunity to see them live. They’re going to be headlining the third stage at Download on the Sunday night which for me is the perfect way to end the festival, especially as they’re playing directly after Palaye Royale and Fever 333; another couple of bands I adore.


nothing,nowhere. is my boy. I got to see him play in Birmingham last October up in Birmingham and actually screamed when I saw he got added to the Download AND Reading lineups. I put his album Ruiner at the top of my albums of the year 2018 so if you haven’t listened to him, go take a look and catch his set at either Download or Reading.

Die Antwoord

Catch me at a rave whenever I physically can. Die Antwoord are a band I’ve never had the chance to see live until now. A bit of a weird flex for Download, especially playing in between Trivium and Slipknot (another two of my faves) on the main stage, but I’m 100% ready for it.


The first and only time I’ve ever seen Underoath was in 2009 in Manchester. It’s been a long ten years but they’re one of the best (and most underrated) bands at Download this year in my opinion.

Fever 333

Fever 333 playing a secret set made it into my top four moments from last year’s Download Festival. They’ve made it thoroughly into the top ten bands I’ve seen live. Them playing second to last on third stage before Enter Shikari on Sunday night is everything I need to close the festival.

Nova Twins

I was put onto Nova Twins last year and they’re going to bring the bass to the Friday of Download. They’re representing women in the music scene this year and are worth taking a look at.

What festivals are you going to this year? Which bands are you planning to catch at Download? Let me know!

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