6 things you learn when dating

Having essentially been single for the last two years (minus a three-month blip that broke my heart), I’ve been getting used to the dating scene. After the dissolution of my last long-term relationship, I’ve learnt a lot about dating and what comes along with it!

6 Things You Learn When Dating | The Colour Chronicles

  1. Tinder is only fun when you’re drunk. Yes, it’s superficial, but Tinder is honestly more fun as a group activity going through and swiping people that you think are attractive and you have your friends’ approval on. I’ve only ever been on three Tinder dates and all of them were nice people, but nothing came of it and nor did I actually want it to. Also public apology to that guy I accidentally ghosted – I swear I didn’t mean to xo
  2. You will meet some tossers. It’s all par of the course really – some people are nice, some are not and before long you WILL come into contact with one of the plonkers. Make sure you’ve got a valid get-out clause to leave the date early (or go for the classic “get a friend to ring you because they need help” schtick).
  3. Sleeping with someone you just met isn’t the worst thing you can do. It’s played up to be awful, but if it’s consensual and you’re both comfortable then why not? That being said, you might sleep with someone you just met who blows up your phone the next day with constant messages on every platform they can find you on. Block their number immediately and maybe skip the country, just in case.
  4. Some people just don’t get it. I ~casually dated~ a guy once (if you get my drift) who I told outright I wasn’t looking for anything serious. Turns out he thought I was joking and I broke his heart in the end. (I’m still sorry by the way, but I said to your face I didn’t want to date from the start.) Which leads me to my next point…
  5. Getting your heart broken always hurts. No matter if you’re the one who ends things, or how long you’ve been together, or if they’re someone you ~almost~ dated, it’s inevitable that you’re going to get your heart broken. Honestly, it doesn’t get any easier. You just learn to cope with it better. And throw out the letters he wrote to you – you don’t need those around.
  6. You might find out you’re happier single. Sometimes you’re genuinely happy without depending on someone else or jumping from person to person – I’ve got my friends who keep me sane, and right now I don’t need a life partner. I’m in a good place and comfortable with my own company and that’s the best I can ask for.
Do you have any dating tips or horror stories? I’d love to hear them!
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