A Shiny Festival Outfit

When it comes to festival outfits, I’m all about trying to toe the line between clothing that looks absolutely sick, but is versatile enough to cope with everything the great British summer can throw at you and is also comfortable as hell.

Rock Festival Outfit | The Colour Chronicles | Red Lens Photographic Slam Dunk Festival Outfit | The Colour Chronicles | Red Lens Photographic

I’ve been going to festivals since I was 13, and this year marks my tenth year, so over the years I’ve gradually honed what to wear and what not to wear with regards to a top notch festival outfit. Especially in the UK, the weather at a festival can switch from pissing rain to bright sunshine over the course of a few hours, let alone 5 days, so for me it’s really important to have a lot of layers and things I can add/take off to both keep warm and stay cool no matter what happens.

For me, tights are a must over jeans. I will take jeans if I’m comfortable that the weather will stay consistently cool but tights are a great layer that you can add or take off, will keep you warm if it gets colder and, most importantly, they dry WAY faster than denim if it rains and they take up far less space to pack – you can also wear more than one pair if it gets really cold! I’m also totally into fishnets right now and I have no shame so I’ll be packing a few pairs for the festivals I’m hitting up this year (Slam Dunk, Download, 2000 Trees, Reading and Victorious if anyone is interested)!Shiny Festival Outfit | The Colour Chronicles | Red Lens Photographic

Comfortable shorts with pockets for me are the next must and I’ll wear them come rain or shine. This pair came from Topshop last year and they’ve stood up to pretty constant wear. The reason I usually wear shorts is because a) you can layer tights underneath them and b) I usually have a massive raincoat on so if it does rain, the denim stays dry underneath it. The one thing that annoys me about these ones is they only have back pockets which aren’t particularly secure, but I’ll normally have a bumbag to keep my phone and case safe.

This silver shirt from H&M was a total bargain at only £9 and is such a cute way to add a little bit of something to an outfit while still being really comfy and cool. My festival go-tos are always oversized band shirts or cute crop tops, and I’ve been so in love with this one since I bought it a couple of months ago. 

As for shoes, I’ll always reach for wellies, Docs or trainers if the weather is holding out. My metallic blue Dr Martens have been with me since my first festival when I was 13 and they’re really standing the test of time, although they are a little worse for themselves and I’ll be heartbroken when they finally fall apart! Comfortable, waterproof shoes are a must though – the last thing you want is soggy feet and blisters.

To really add to my whole aesthetic, my wellies are glittery and I have absolutely zero shame. Don’t hate me cus you ain’t me.   

As for raincoats, I have two – a really heavy duty plain black one from Trespass for when the heavens open, and this sick af Brave Soul holo raincoat for when it’s drizzly and damp but not torrential. How many different coloured metallics can I get into one outfit? We hit three here but I think I can manage more…

Is anyone heading to the same festivals I am? Hit me up and come say hey! What will you be wearing? Comment and let me know!


Photo credit: Red Lens Photographic | Facebook | Instagram 

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