A Summery OOTD // Zara Floral Dress

While I wear a surprisingly large amount of colour, summery clothes are something I hugely lack. In fact, I quite actively dislike summer – I hate the feeling of being hot and sweaty, I have to get out parts of my body I’m not overly confident about like my arms and NOTHING HAS BLOODY POCKETS.

My main summer wardrobe really just features a collection of different loose, comfortable playsuits that I can wear down the beach to chill out, but I decided I needed something a little bit nicer for when I want to tart myself up a bit (but also something I could get away with wearing to work). While out on a shopping trip to Southampton, I came across this beautiful dress in Zara.

The Zara Floral Dress

Honestly, I’m not sure what drew me towards it first. It has a V neck which anyone knows I despise, it’s much girlier than what I usually lean towards and it’s not my usual style at all. However, the fit is gorgeous, I love the sheer panel in the back and, perhaps the best part, it’s actually long enough on my 5″10 ass that I’m not worried about my butt cheeks hanging out, even without tights on.


In the daytime I’ve just been wearing this with a pair of flat chelsea boots, but to jazz it up for evening wear I’ve been adding fishnets and these knee high stretch boots. I actually got these boots when I was about 15 and literally have no clue where from, but they’ve survived VERY well considering they’re 8 years old and are comfortable as hell. I think they’re the perfect accompaniment to add a little bit of my grunge style into what is quite a delicate and dainty outfit.

This dress actually cost me £29.99 which is perhaps slightly more than I’d spend on something I’m not sure about at first but I love it and think it’s totally worth the money – I’ve been wearing it everywhere. For a little extra pizzazz I’ve been teaming it with my Pour Moi Bandage Bra from UK Lingerie for a little detailing across the cleavage (which looks great in this bra, ngl).

What do you think to this outfit? Let me know how you’d choose to style this dress in the comments!


Photo credit: Elena Bjxrn

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