All Points East Festival 2019

All Points East is a festival I’d actually never heard of until Bring Me The Horizon announced they were headlining one of the days. APE is a ten-day event in Mile End in London with separate days of music over the weekends it spans.

We managed to score free tickets for the second Friday of it this year, which was the heaviest of all the days.

All Points East Festival 2019

One of the strangest things about All Points East was how they’d chosen to spend their budget. What looked like so many cool areas (tattoo tents, old-timey food vendors, and western parlours to name but a few) were all actually just bars decked out to look like different things – kind of a let down to be honest. But seriously, I have never been to a festival with such an excessive amount of bars. And I’ve been to a lot of festivals.

£6.30 for a pint of Dark Fruits? Clearly the price we had to pay for zero queues and All Points East branded single-use cups I guess. Not sure it was worth it to be honest.

The Lineup

Weird budget-spending aside, it was the perfect way to spend a Friday. The day was curated and headlined by Bring Me The Horizon, so that was already a sign it was going to be sick.

After catching PENGSHUi kick off the day, Vukovi were one of the first bands I saw. I love them anyway so it was sick to catch them at All Points East. Despite their amp breaking after one song and them running a sing-along to Wonderwall while it was fixed, their set was still one of my favourites of the day.

Vukovi | All Points East 2019

While She Sleeps were another highlight. Before we went, I said that I was hoping to see Oli Sykes come on stage to do Silence Speaks with WSS (and Sam Carter join BMTH for The Sadness Will Never End), so I was really happy to see that happen.

I was also pretty hyped to see Nothing But Thieves on the main stage. I always forgot how much I love them until I see them again. They’re another one of those bands who always put on an amazing show.

Nothing But Thieves | All Points East

Halfway through the day we also spotted Rob Damiani walking around so I had a super quick chat with him. Don Broco have fast become one of my favourite bands, so it was kind of like meeting an idol. As you can see by the ridiculous grin on my face, I definitely kept my cool.

Meeting Rob Damiani from Don Broco

I’ve never seen Architects as it’s only with the release of Holy Hell that I’ve managed to get into them. All Points East being the first time to see them was fab. I stayed out of the pits for this one as I was saving myself for Bring Me, but holding back a little bit and watching them do their thing was a nice little introduction to an Architects live show.

Architects playing the Second Stage

When it came to Bring Me The Horizon headlining, I was a little apprehensive. The last time I saw them live was at Download Festival 2014 where their slot was three down on the main stage and I won’t lie, it wasn’t good. However, the last five years have done wonders for them and they’ve come so damn far. I’m really proud of them.

I know a lot of people haven’t vibed with it, but their new album Amo is right up my street. Seeing it live was everything I needed. They put on a f*cking incredible show and I have to give them props for it.

I’ve got to mention their setlist. It was perfectly curated to have some really old songs like Pray For Plagues, some fan favourites that haven’t been played in a long time like Diamonds Aren’t Forever and It Never Ends, and a good mix of more of their recent stuff too.

Bring Me The Horizon on stage headlining All Points East 2019

The stage dancers were weird and I loved them. There was fire and effects. My mates and I single-handedly opened up half of the pits between us. I left the day sore and broken. My left knee is much less functioning than it was at the start of the day. My favourite 12-year-old Dr Martens all but fell apart. And I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. All Points East Festival 2019, you’ve been beautiful.

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