Barry M Holographic Content Collection

You guys know by now I love anything holographic, right? If you don’t, where have you been?
One of my favourite brands, Barry M recently ran a competition on Twitter for two people to win their Holographic Content PR package and myself and the fab Gem from Gem’s Up North won which was so exciting!
Now, I mentioned Barry M are one of my favourite brands – I almost exclusively buy nail paints from them as I love the formula, love how quickly they dry and the amazing range of shades. However, I don’t think I’ve ever actually bought any other types of products from them – soon to change after trying these out!

Barry M Holographic Eyeshadow Toppers | The Colour ChroniclesBarry M Holographic Eyeshadow Topper Range | The Colour Chronicles

Eye toppers left to right – Supernova, Stardust, Asteroid, Luna
I’ll start with the Eyeshadow Toppers. These four iridescent shades are designed to either be applied direct to the eye or over your favourite eye look for a dazzling, rainbow effect. Their creamy consistency makes them easy to apply and blend out and once they’ve set (in only a few seconds), they’re not going ANYWHERE. Almost completely smudge-proof, I’ve been loving these as an inner-corner highlight and for a gorgeous reflection down the middle of my eyes.
My favourite shade out of the range is Asteroid (second in from the right) – a gorgeous silver-blue shade, it works great with cool-toned makeup looks and I’ve been all over blue eyeshadow recently! Not in a 15 year old teenager way though, I swear.

Barry M Holographic Cream Eyeshadows | The Colour Chronicles

Eye toppers left to right – Supernova, Stardust, Luna, Asteroid

Barry M Holographic Lip Toppers | The Colour Chronicles

Lip toppers left to right – Spellbound, Mermaid, Wizard, Hex
Next in the collection are the Holographic Lip Toppers. Now, I’m a huge fan of a matte lipstick and I don’t think I’ve ever consciously purchased a lipgloss in my life, but these are pretty stunning. I’ve tried these out on their own and while they’re not as pigmented as they look in the tubes, they still have a pretty sheen to them.
One thing I find hilarious about lipglosses is how all brands describe them as non-sticky – I really don’t see how a lipgloss is non-sticky as I think every one I’ve worn has been? Either way these feel the same as other lipglosses I have worn in my life – not that I have many to compare them to! They do feel quite moisturising on the lips though, so there’s that.
Lipsticks, however, I own in all shades of the rainbow so I’m looking forward to testing these Toppers out over them. I’m also strongly contemplating using them for a glossy eye look – what do you guys reckon?

Barry M Holographic Lip Toppers | The Colour Chronicles

Lip toppers left to right – Hex, Mermaid, Wizard, Spellbound

Barry M Under The Sea Nail Paint | The Colour Chronicles

Nail paints left to right – Angelfish, Pinktail, Butterflyfish, Jellyfish
Last but most definitely not least in the Holographic Content collection are the Under The Sea nail paints. Like I mentioned earlier, I love Barry M for nail polishes and these are no different. I’m not normally one for pale nail polishes as I think darker colours suit me better, but these are stunning. A couple of coats makes this pretty opaque and the way they catch the light and change colour is beyond me – I can’t stop staring at my own nails.
Below I’m wearing Butterflyfish with the Barry M clear topcoat – I love this topcoat for stopping nail polishes for chipping!

Barry M Under The Sea Butterflyfish Nail Paint | The Colour Chronicles

My favourites from the Holographic Content collection!

Barry M Holographic Collection | The Colour Chronicles

What do you think to the Holographic Content collection? Are you in love with it as I am? Let me know your thoughts!
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