Barry M Molten Metals Blue Glacier Review

I paint my nails all the time. Having gone from a job where I broke my nails all the goddamn time to an office based one, my nails are definitely doing better than they have recently and I’m loving it.

Barry M have been my favourite nail polish brand since I discovered what nail polish was. I’ve never been particularly inspired by their makeup range but their nail range is pretty top and recently I treated myself to some new ones as I barely ever buy nail polish, I just use about three in rotation til they run out and I cry. This time around I grabbed the Blue Glacier Molten Metal paint (£3.99), Coconut Infusion in Oasis (£4.99) and their Matte Top Coat (usually £2.99 but I got them on a 3 for 2 offer).

One of my favourite things about Barry M polishes is how quickly they dry – way faster than almost any other brand I’ve tried except maybe Nails Inc. This one didn’t disappoint in that department, though I did find it dried a little slower than most of theirs do. Still faster than a lot of other polishes though so I’m happy with that.

The colour takes a little build up – one coat is very sheer, however two coats are nice and opaque. I love how it’s almost silver but with a beautiful blue, almost holographic sheen to it – silver and blue are two of my favourite colours.

As for lasting power, I usually chip my nail polish within 24 hours of painting it, top coat or not. Somehow this polish lasted me 5 days before chipping even just a little bit, so needless to say, I’m bloody impressed!

All in all, for a measly four of my quaint British pounds, this nail polish is pretty top. I have the copper-coloured one in the same range which I bought for no real reason as I kind of hate the colour, but I’m thinking about using it for some nail art soon. Failing that, I’ll give it to one of my willing friends!

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