Beach So Chic Festival Style*

I have a love-hate relationship with festival style. I’m all about remaining comfortable and practical, so if I see one more magazine recommend a white crochet jumpsuit as festival appropriate…

While I like to keep my clothes practical, I do still enjoy having some element of style when at a festival, be it funky wellies or some cool earrings (not dangly though, I speak from experience when I say getting an earring ripped out in a mosh pit hurts). Beach So Chic were kind enough to send me three packs of their tattoo transfers* ready for when I hit up Download Festival and 2000 Trees this summer.

The packaging of all their flash tattoo packs is really high quality matte card which has a luxury feel to it. All the instructions are very easily labelled on the back of each pack and they work like all other tattoo transfers – cut the design out, remove the plastic film, place design-down on skin and hold a damp cloth against it for 30 seconds. The only thing I’m not keen on with the packaging is that to actually get the sheets out, you basically have to destroy the card which made me feel so bad as it’s gorgeous!

Beach So Chic have a range of different tattoo transfer packs based on different beaches from around the world, varying in price from £9.99 to £14.99.

My favourite pack out of the three I was sent is the Sunrise Beach collection (£12.99). Featuring three sheets of gold, blue and silver designs, I absolutely love the dream catchers and the arm band style transfers!

The Venice Beach collection (£12.99) combines gold, black and silver designs with a range of arm band styles and smaller designs too. I particularly like the arrows in this pack.

The Maya Bay collection (£14.99) also contains gold, silver and black tattoos and I love all the different smaller designs in this pack. I’ve been wanting a diamond tattoo for a while so I’m looking forward to trying out the diamond one to see if I like it as much as I’m expecting!

Having tried out a couple of these already, they do transfer really easily and last for a day or so before showing signs of wear, making them great if you fancy something a bit different for a night out of special occasion such as a festival! I will be adorning a few of them for different occasions I’ve got in the summer!

Thank you again to Beach So Chic for being so generous!

*Disclaimer: Products were sent for review but all opinions remain my own.

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