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I said at the start of this year I wanted to get some more fashion posts done and only 10 months later I’m back in the game. I spent the weekend with the fab Elena chilling out around Southsea and getting some fashion photos done which was so much fun – all photo credit goes to her!
Who’s up for a little life update?
Things have been pretty cool recently. I’ve been in a really good mood the past few weeks for a number of reasons. I’ve definitely been enjoying the colder weather – it’s been giving me an excuse to crack out the warmer clothes. I bought this ace wool-lined corduroy jacket from Primark just a couple of weeks back for £20 – bargain if you ask me because I’ve basically been living in it ever since, sun or rain.

Grunge street style & alternative fashion | The Colour ChroniclesPrimark cord jacket | The Colour Chronicles

I’ve finally got my hair back! I’ve spent two years brown and that was plenty long enough for me. I spent last weekend bleaching it up from brown to blonde (somehow bleached it 6 times in a weekend and it’s still in great quality, skillz) and threw a load of pink and purple on it.
Big ups to Directions and Hermans for the being some of the best hair dyes around, and special thanks to Hermans for gifting my a pot of their Tammy Turquoise at LondonEdge this September which I used on the ends, although the pink did run and turn it a violet shade!
Another update – I’m currently 15 days into Sober October! I’m doing this to raise money for Woman’s Trust, a charity helping women who have been domestically abused. I actually reached my target of £100 3 days into October which was amazing, and I’m so thankful to everyone who donated. If you’d like to spare a couple of quid you can do so here, and if you’d like to read more on my reasons for going sober for October you can do that too.

Grunge street style | The Colour Chronicles

Can we take a second to talk about the amazing street art in Southsea?? This sick as hell robot is by Lefty Sketch Designs. If you’re not already following Lefty Sketch on instagram, sort that out yeah? I’m so in love with the amount of street art all over Southsea. The area I live in is full of it and it makes me so happy to see it all around.
I’ve got a few really cool weekends coming up which I’m hella excited for, including spending this weekend in Cardiff, going out for my friend’s leaving party when he skips the country to go travelling round the world, and catching a few gigs from some of my fave bands which I’m so excited for. October through November is going to be a great couple of months.

Periwinkle Blue Dr Martens & Fishnet Socks | The Colour Chronicles

As for outfit details, I’ve already mentioned this gorge Primark jacket. The jeans are also a Primark special for £15 – it’s the first time in a while I’ve worn any jeans which aren’t high-waisted and I’m not sure how I feel about having this much of my stomach out, but I’m trying to just work it. I picked up this checkered shirt when I went up to London back in June to see K.Flay for A FIVER. Five quaint British pounds for this flannel. No complaints there.
The spotty mesh shirt was an H&M special – I normally find H&M hit and miss and don’t even get me started on their sizing, but this was a great find. It only cost me a tenner and I love the cropped boxy fit of it – it really works with some nice fitted jeans.
As for the Dr Martens, you can NEVER have too many pairs of DMs. These were a birthday present from Papa Smith last year which I found in the DM store in Gunwharf Quays for £35. I’ve had them a year and they’re barely showing any signs of wear – one of the reasons I love DMs. The fishnet socks were in the 3 for £8 deal in River Island so I stocked up. Totally all over the fishnet trend, no shame.

Pink hair & grunge style - The Colour ChroniclesThe Colour Chronicles - Southsea Street Style

What have y’all got planned for the next couple of months? I’d love to hear!
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