Boozy Lube with Playtime Lube*

Picture this: you’re 15 years old, it’s lunch break at your school and the most daring out of the group strolls into your town’s Boots, buys a bottle of strawberry lube and walks back over to your giggling, teenage group holding it in the air like it’s the best trophy they’ve ever received. You then take turns to taste a little bit of it because you’re SO grown up and then brag to all your friends you know what lube tastes like.

Remind anyone else of their school? If this was ever you, you’ll probably know that most flavoured lubes talk the talk but don’t walk the walk when it comes to flavour. Playtime have released their newest range of boozy flavours just in time for summer and I put the range to the test.*

Playtime Boozy Lube Range

The Playtime Boozy Lube Range

Included in the Playtime Boozy Lube range are the Gin and Tonic lube, aptly-named Sex On The Beach lube and Mojito lube. These are all priced at just ONE QUAINT BRITISH POUND (£1!) each and are stocked at The Range, Poundshop and Amazon, amongst others.

Now I LOVE a good cocktail and anything with gin in is a favourite, so I was really excited to try these out and put them to the test! Playtime promise that their formula is non-greasy, non-sticky, silky smooth and moisturising – a lot of promises!

If you’re in touch (pun intended) with your own intimate areas, you’ll probably know that sometimes it just so happens that your body and your brain don’t work in sync with each other – for example you might be getting it on with someone, be really into it and your nether regions just aren’t showing any signs of behaving. Sometimes you just need a little bit of lube to help out – it’s natural and it happens!

I find with a lot of lubes I’ve tried in the past they either have a horrible, chemically taste, dry up too quickly (or go the opposite way and are so greasy you can’t wash them off) and can just not be the most pleasant to use. I’ve definitely had an unpleasant reaction to a lube before as I do have slightly sensitive skin, so I’m cautious with what I use! So what did I think to the Playtime range?

Playtime Gin And Tonic Lube

As I said, I love me some gin. However, I do find the taste of tonic can be unpleasant so I was most apprehensive about this lube but it really surprised me! It’s got such a legitimate gin and tonic flavour but it’s not overpowering and is genuinely quite enjoyable. It also doesn’t taste overwhelmingly alcoholic, either – it’s almost like they’ve embodied the juniper taste into a lube with none of the alcohol. As for the performance of the lube itself, it holds up Playtime’s claims – soft, silky and moisturising and easy to wash off after, but doesn’t dry up too quickly!

Playtime Sex On The Beach Lube

To me, flavour-wise at least, the Sex On The Beach lube was both the one I was most looking forward to trying and simultaneously the most disappointing. While I can’t fault it for functionality and performance in the bedroom, the taste itself just didn’t cut it for me. I don’t think it tastes much like an actual Sex On The Beach cocktail. Personally I think somehow it tastes both too sweet and too chemically! It’s not completely unenjoyable and I can see myself using it again, but it wouldn’t be the first one I’d reach for if I was choosing a lube purely based on taste.

Playtime Mojito Lube

Do you ever forget how much you love something because you haven’t had it in a while, but then you have it again and instantly remember? That’s how I felt when I first tried this Mojito lube. Performance-wise, same as the other two, no faults and Playtime have hit the jackpot with their formula. As for the flavour, this actually ended up being my favourite out of the three because it’s so spot on! Tasting it instantly made me want to be on a beach somewhere with a cocktail and I can absolutely see myself reaching to use this not even out of necessity, but because I actively want to!

Have you tried out the Playtime Boozy Lube range yet? What’s your favourite flavoured lube? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much to Playtime for providing me with these to try!


*Disclaimer: Products were sent for review but all opinions are my own. 

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