Broke Girl | 1985 LDN*

1985 LDN are a brand I discovered at LondonEdge’s September 2018 show and honestly, they’re sick. Rachelle, the owner, is absolutely lovely! We chatted a bit at the show and afterwards and she really kindly sent me one of her awesome coin purses.

The Brand

The 1985 LDN brand stems from a whole lot of hard work and determination on Chelle’s part and it’s totally paid off. The products are made with love, amazing quality and unique. 

With coin purses, card holders, tote bags, phone cases and clutches in the range, if you want to accessorise in style then 1985 LDN has your back. The letter coin purses come in Rich and Broke predesigned, or you can have your own word put on it up to five letters. I opted for the Broke purse because it’s pretty accurate!

Being pretty low-maintenance, I hate most purses as they’re always so large and I can’t just throw it in a pocket. I’m either a no-bag-everything-in-pockets or throw-everything-in-a-backpack kinda girl, only really using a handbag on nights out. That means when it comes to large purses, honestly I can’t be arsed. Because of this I’ve just used a simple card holder for the past couple of years. Unfortunately this means on the odd occasion I have any change I throw it to the bottom of my bag or pocket, lose it or end up fishing around for it when I need it.

I’ve been on the hunt for a cute little coin purse for ages and when I saw these at LondonEdge I fell in love. Aside from the sick design, what I actually love most about it is that it’s clear! I can easily see how much cash I’ve got in there or if I’ve got the right cards with me. Saves that awkward moment at the till when you’re trying to work out if you have enough cash to pay or if you’ll just throw it on your card, you feel me? 

The fact it’s made out of PVC makes it super easy to clean as well. If you’re clumsy like me and have a habit of dropping or spilling things, you can just wipe it clean and go. Sorted. 

Thank you so much to Rachelle for sending this over to me!The 1985 LDN coin purses retail for £15 and can be found here

*Disclaimer: Products featured in this post were gifted but all opinions are my own. 

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