Glitter Tears Makeup Look

I’ve been super quiet recently as I’ve been busy moving house, but in my free time I’ve been loving playing around with some cool makeup looks (when it’s not so hot I’m sweating it all off my face). For my birthday a couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to do something a little extra – because why be… View Post

Festival Essentials*

Y’all know by now I go to a lot of festivals, but there are certain festival essentials I pack every time which are tried and tested, come in handy and are just generally pretty useful. Skincare Essentialle Revival Nectar Face Oil* I have a pretty rigorous skincare routine which tends to go by the wayside at festivals. I always tend… View Post

An Easy Manicure With Elegant Touch Nails*

When it comes to my nails, I’ve had a bit of a rocky history. I used to be absolutely awful with biting them right down short until I was about 18, when I finally kicked the habit and committed to growing them out. While they’ve never been particularly long or strong, they’re now doing pretty well. However, being a relatively… View Post

NYX Powder Puff – Group Love Review

I’m a huge lipstick junkie but if there’s one shade I don’t have enough of, it’s red. For some reason I always feel more comfortable in a weird shade like blue or green than I do normal colours like pink or red, but I really wanted to try out the new NYX Powder Puff lipsticks so grabbed one in the… View Post

What’s In My Makeup Bag

I realised the other day that considering I love makeup so much, I only ever really share when I get something new, not what I wear daily and swear by, so I decided to write a post about the things I use on a regular basis. First off though, how cute is my actual makeup bag? I’ve had it ages… View Post