Festival Essentials*

Y’all know by now I go to a lot of festivals, but there are certain festival essentials I pack every time which are tried and tested, come in handy and are just generally pretty useful. Skincare Essentialle Revival Nectar Face Oil* I have a pretty rigorous skincare routine which tends to go by the wayside at festivals. I always tend… View Post

Festival Fashion Staples // OOTD

When I go to festivals, I have a few staples that I always take which all go together – kind of like a capsule wardrobe in a bag! I like to make sure I can interchange what I’m wearing based on the weather so if it gets really hot I can switch to a pair of shorts but not have… View Post

A Summery OOTD // Zara Floral Dress

While I wear a surprisingly large amount of colour, summery clothes are something I hugely lack. In fact, I quite actively dislike summer – I hate the feeling of being hot and sweaty, I have to get out parts of my body I’m not overly confident about like my arms and NOTHING HAS BLOODY POCKETS. My main summer wardrobe really… View Post

A Shiny Festival Outfit

When it comes to festival outfits, I’m all about trying to toe the line between clothing that looks absolutely sick, but is versatile enough to cope with everything the great British summer can throw at you and is also comfortable as hell. I’ve been going to festivals since I was 13, and this year marks my tenth year, so over… View Post

An Easy Manicure With Elegant Touch Nails*

When it comes to my nails, I’ve had a bit of a rocky history. I used to be absolutely awful with biting them right down short until I was about 18, when I finally kicked the habit and committed to growing them out. While they’ve never been particularly long or strong, they’re now doing pretty well. However, being a relatively… View Post