Celebrating yourself with UK Lingerie*

Valentine’s Day is a weird one for me. As a teenager I never really understood it – I didn’t feel the need to do anything and the more I’ve grown up, the more my attitude has been confused towards it. Should I celebrate it? Should I feel bad for wanting to? What if I want to take the time to celebrate myself?
Last year on Valentine’s Day I wasn’t in a good place. I’d recently been broken up with and wanted to find something to do other than wallow in misery, so I went out with a friend and wrote a post to reflect the place I was in.

Being in a relationship now, my attitude this year is slightly different. As I’m in the best place I’ve been in for a long time, obviously I’ll be celebrating with my partner but this year I’m all about doing things that make me feel happy within myself and my own body.
I’ve never been one to shy away from talking about my body issues, as you can read here and here. I like to be upfront about everything, no bullshit, and writing about things often helps me find some clarity. That’s where dressing to feel great about myself comes into the mix.

Do you ever put on an outfit and feel so damn good in it that you just don’t want to take it off? One of my favourite things about Valentine’s Day is that everyone suddenly starts digging out the fantastic lingerie and celebrating how good they look and feel while wearing it.
Nice lingerie is one of the things that makes me feel best about myself. A lot of people assume you only wear lingerie to look good for a partner, but it’s so much more than that.

It can make you feel sexy within yourself, empowering that you own your own sexuality and there’s just a little something about knowing what’s underneath your clothes that nobody else knows.
I recently teamed up with the absolutely lovely people from UK Lingerie and UK Tights to celebrate myself and my own body this Valentine’s Day.
Being slightly on the bustier side, I often find it difficult to find well-fitting lingerie at a price which isn’t extortionate. While my boobs aren’t huge, my cup size to back size ratio makes it a difficult size to find, however UK Lingerie accommodate for a huge range of sizes with some gorgeous underwear and the best part is, it’s pretty affordable!

They sent me a few items to try out for Valentine’s Day and I instantly fell in love. I don’t think I know anyone who actively enjoys wearing bras but finding a comfortable one really ups the game and makes you feel instantly better about your body. I was sent the Pour Moi Contradiction Strapped Scarlet Underwired Bra* and matching High Briefs* and it’s such a comfortable set to wear, I’m in love.
They were also so generous and sent me a set of the Couture Tri Band Hold Ups* and the Mapale Lace Robe to finish off the look and honestly, I’ve wanted to sashay around in this since it arrived. The robe gives me such a luxurious feel and I’m totally about it.

This Valentine’s Day, I’m going to be celebrating learning to love myself – how about you? And don’t forget, if you’re looking for a little something special to wear, check out UK Lingerie now and you can use my code colourchronicles for 15% off!
*Thank you so much to UK Lingerie for teaming up with me for this post! Products included in this post were provided for my blog but all opinions are my own.
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