Charla Tedrick Wishlist

If you caught my post on LondonEdge in September, you might have noticed a few brands in particular receiving some mentions. LondonEdge is a great place to check out all the upcoming season trends and mentally spend your next paycheck on everything! I’m going to be doing a couple of wishlist posts from brands displayed at LondonEdge, so watch this space.
I’d already heard of Charla Tedrick before LondonEdge and been following her brand on Instagram, so I couldn’t wait to actually go to the show and eye up what was coming out next season! Anyone who knows me knows I’m a fiend for insane, wonderful shoes with my style fully rooted in the alternative scene (keep your eyes peeled for a post coming soon!) so Charla Tedrick shoes are right up my street. As well as Charla being an absolutely lovely person to chat to, the collection on show was just to die for.
Without further ado, here are the beauties I’ve been eyeing up in recent weeks… (though I’d like to point out that some of these are sample sale only and now sold out!)
Can I take a second to talk about silver shoes? I’m up to seven pairs and have no intention of stopping. Anyone who says seven pairs of silver shoes is too many is a person I don’t need in my life. I love a good glittery boot and the heels on these add a lovely little contrast to the overall style of the boot. I’ve got no hate for a glam rock boot in my life.
All Mixed Up Creeper – $60
I’m all for weird style and this mismatched pair of creepers are something I’m totally into. Besides, I have a seemingly never-ending collection of creepers so it comes as no real surprise that I’m instantly drawn to this pair in the sample sale! Plus these are made with a vegan upper, so that’s always a nice benefit to a pair of shoes in my eyes, even though I’m not vegan myself.
I’d put my hand on my heart and saw this is one of the most stunning pairs of boots I’ve ever seen. Like you’d expect anything less than another silver pair of boots, the Iron Maids are also made with vegan metallic leather, chains, studded straps and all good things. But seriously, how beautiful???
I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like tartan. Tartan can do no wrong. What could be a simple boot is spiced up by the exaggerated eyelet and ribbon detail and dainty peep toe and heel cut out – I can just envisage these with a pair of fishnet socks to really mix up the patterns.
Something about the pink version of the Foreva Platforms screams “BUY ME. BUY ME NOW.” Again, made with a vegan upper and wrapped heel, these are just gorgeous. Understated but full of detail, the acrylic heart and “FOR EVA” lettering adds a little je ne sais quoi in the best way, although the heel height could be enough to kill the wearer if they’re as clumsy as me.
The rest of Charla’s collection can be found hereand is absolutely worth looking through if you’ve spotted something you like in this post! Which are your favourites? I’d love to hear!
*Images supplied by Charla Tedrick.
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