Collection Fast Stroke Waterproof Eyeliner Review

I’m a liquid eyeliner junkie. That being said, I wear it daily in all forms of wings but I absolutely swear by the Sephora 24 Hour Waterproof Eyeliner. However, it’s running out and living in the UK, I can only get it if I travel abroad or spend £75 on the Sephora website to qualify for shipping to the UK – neither option is viable to me, so I asked around for recommendations for a cheap liquid eyeliner I can get in the UK and the Collection Fast Stroke Waterproof Eyeliner is a cult favourite. Is it as worth the hype* as everyone says?

*I hated typing that as much as you hated reading it.

First off, it’s only £2.99. Good start, right? I’ve liked every Collection product I’ve tried so far, so I was expecting good thing. It has a felt tip brush which I like, and the formula is pretty black. But that’s where it all falls apart.

I like a nice felt brush as I find them easy to work with, but this one is just so rigid and the formula is so thin that if you try and use the tip of the brush, it just cuts through the line you’ve already drawn (pictured below). You have to try and stamp it on using the side of the brush so as not to damage the line and let’s face it, there’s no chance of doing a good wing while stamping eyeliner with the side of a brush.

I also found it to be patchy where I’d tried to go over the line because of the thin formula, so I had to go back over with my trusty Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner which I use for precision, razor-sharp lines.

That being said, credit where it’s due – the liner dries to a nice matte black and and is definitely waterproof, albeit a tad flaky after a few hours. Would I repurchase the Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner? If it had a much softer felt tip or a normal brush, then sure. As it is? Not a chance.

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