Leopard print trousers: a love affair

“If it’s ugly, I love it” is a phrase which comes out of my mouth far more than I care to admit. I’ve always been drawn to garish fashion and have recently been suffering a love affair of sorts with these leopard print trousers from Daisy Street. I’ve never been happier than I was upon finding out leopard print was coming into fashion this season.

Leopard print Daisy Street trousers

The Daisy Street Leopard Print Trousers

I found these trousers in Topshop on Oxford Street for the lowly price of £17. When I saw them I actually squealed at my best friend. Leopard print is one of the true loves of my life and considering I already own leopard print shirts, dresses, shorts and jackets, it was only time I added some trousers. Pants are next so if you know of a good lingerie set in DD+, hit me up yeah?

Burgundy New Look jumper and leopard print trousers from Daisy Street

The New Look Burgundy Jumper

It’s slowly becoming closer and closer to knitwear season and while it was really hot on the day Bryoni and I shot these photos, just a couple of weeks has made all the difference. There’s a beautiful chill in the mornings and I can wrap up warm in my favourite sweatshirts. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons and I’m patiently waiting for it.

This jumper was one I got on Depop years back for a fiver but was originally from New Look. I love it so much. It’s oversized and comfy and if I do say so myself, the colour goes so well with the boots. It’s a bit of an awkward length where it hangs so I tend to tuck it into trousers and skirts but it won’t stop me wearing it. It’s one of the most comfortable things I own.

The H&M Burgundy Boots

The boots I’ve actually had since university and I think actually featured in my first ever outfit post way back in the day! I got them from H&M in about 2014. They’re starting to show some signs of wear, especially where I fell over at my boyfriend’s house and damaged half the suede on one toe, but I love them endlessly. I don’t love the giant scar on my knee from that fall as much though, just saying.

The Led Zeppelin T-Shirt

As for the shirt, well. You can’t wear leopard print trousers without pairing them with a band t-shirt, can you? I stole was given this shirt from a friend back in sixth form and it’s been well-loved. So much so that it’s starting to get a bit holey. That being said, Led Zeppelin are one of my favourite bands and this is such a 70s pair of trousers, I had to pair them with a 70s shirt. Being an extra large it’s huge on me so I style it by tying it up. If I can’t tie it up for whatever reason, I’ll tuck it in. I also turn up the sleeves for a bit of added shape. 

What are your thoughts on leopard print Love it or hate it? Garish or fashionable? Let me know in the comments and tell me how you’d style these trousers!

Photo credit: Bryoni Burns Photography

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