Download Festival 2016

I’ve hit the golden 5 with Download Festival now! I have been to more festivals but Download is by far one of my favourites – it always has the best lineup for me and most of my friends, and we always have a proper laugh so it’s basically become my annual holiday. I only live about an hour down the road from it as well, although for the past couple of years I’ve travelled up from Portsmouth because of university, which is a much longer journey.

Line up wise, 2016 was by no means the best year I’ve been to. I’ve seen all the headliners before (Rammstein, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden – Sabbath were shite again) but there were a good few bands I wanted to see and some I’d never heard before who I got the chance to check out.

Out of bands I’d never seen before, Avatar and Turbowolf were the highlights for me. I’ve recently been getting into both bands and Avatar were completely nuts, while Turbowolf put on an amazing show. Billy Talent and Skindred were awesome as always and I got to see Vukovi, Monster Truck and Raveneye as new bands to me, who I’ll definitely be starting to listen to.

On top of that, I got to hang out with loads of mates, both from our camp Don’t Be A Dick and a lot of people I haven’t seen in ages, which was great. I took a disposable camera with me which turned out to be hilarious because I don’t remember half the photos taken on it and I didn’t get to find out until after! While other years might have had more bands who I love, I still had a fantastic year and I can’t wait until 2017! Now you can have a laugh at all the completely sober photos from the weekend…

Some of these are complete potato quality but the weather was pretty potato quality and electrics don’t hold up well against that! Either way, I hope you had as much of a laugh looking through them as I did taking them. Here’s to another year!

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