Download Festival 2018

I honestly live for festival season, and Download Festival is my home. There’s no feeling like hiking your bag and a tent through the fields at Donington Park, setting up camp in Red Camp and hanging with my main squad in Camp Don’t Be A Dick.

I’ve been going to Download Festival since 2009, but we’ve had our main squad camp going since 2014, so this was Camp Don’t Be A Dick 5.0 – 5 whole years! We’ve said we’re going to throw a party when we hit 10. You can also check out my previous posts on what we got up to at Download 2017 and Download 2016.

This year was so solid with regards to lineup, I got to see loads of bands I haven’t seen before and a lot of old favourites. It’s so nice to hit up Download every year and see all my friends who live spread around the UK. The food this year was some of the best I’ve had, especially with the increase in veggie and vegan options – I had an incredible halloumi and butternut squash burger one night!

Top 4 moments of Download Festival 2018

4. Having a Coop on site

Normally there’s a little supermarket tent on site at Download but it’s always been a bit naff and really overpriced. This year, instead it was a Coop and honestly it was a game changer. They even had meal deals! And these really cool unicorn ice creams, which obviously we had to buy.

3. The Fever 333 playing a secret set

I was an absolutely huge fan of letlive. so when I found out Jason Butler’s new band The Fever 333 were playing a secret set I was PUMPED. This set absolutely didn’t disappoint, it was one of the best of the weekend and I had a smashing time watching them.

2. The music in general

Some of my absolute highlights of the weekend were Ded, Marmozets, In This Moment, The Faim, Puppy, Avenged Sevenfold, Alexisonfire, Dream State and The Hives. I hadn’t seen a fair amount of the bands I wanted to see before which makes quite a nice change for Download, and I even have to say Ozzy was pretty fun, third time lucky. Guns N Roses, one of my all time fave bands broke my heart by really not playing a good set at all, but we’re going to skim over that and forget it was a bit bad.

1. The Squad

I love these people more than life and I say it every year. They make not only festival season but every season fantastic and they’re a fantastic bunch of people who I always look forward to seeing. Download wouldn’t be the same without them!


What festivals are you checking out this year? I’ll be at 2000 Trees so say hi if you spot me!

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