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Styling Black Leather Trousers - The Colour Chronicles

Everyone I know has a comfort zone for their clothing. I think it’s natural for people to find something that looks good on them and makes them feel good, and they stick to that in their outfits. I’m definitely guilty of it! I know that high-waited trousers and crop tops make me feel good and comfortable, and bright colours. All of the colour. I am the most colourful of emos

That wasn’t always the case though. When I was growing up I religiously wore black – mainly skinny jeans and tshirts honestly! Somewhere down the line I evolved into colour, but wanted to revisit my roots and push myself a little. 

I’m not sure at what point I stopped wearing entirely black outfits but it’s not something I’ve done in probably years. I think a lot of black looks too harsh on my pasty white ass so if I’m wearing black I’ll always balance it out with a lot of colour. 

H&M Leather Trousers - The Colour Chronicles

Back in the heat (literally, heat) of summer I found these fake leather trousers in H&M for £7. SEVEN. POUNDS. I knew I had to have them, but it took me until September to really give them a test run because otherwise I’d probably have died from sweating out of my knees.

I’ve always been attracted to textures, colours and anything unusual in fashion which was why I was instantly drawn to the fake leather trousers when I saw them on the hanger.

I knew when I bought them that they were so badass I’d probably need an all black outfit just to pull them off, but it took me a while to contemplate what to pair them with.

Working from the bottom up, obviously I had to insert a little colour somewhere. I wore my trusty blue metallic Dr Martens for the colourful injection, but these leather trousers would look sick with a pair of black chunky heeled boots. The blue of the shoes also matches the little blue embroidery on the back of the shirt!

Metallic Blue Dr Martens | The Colour Chronicles

As for this shirt. I got it in Topshop a couple of years ago after patiently waiting for it to go on sale and have zero regrets. It’s not something I pull out often from my wardrobe and always question why!

I love it so much but I don’t really know how to style it so it sometimes gets forgotten about. It goes so well with these trousers though in my opinion! The galaxy embroidering on the back is so pretty! It’s also got some super cute stars on the front of the shoulders which are kind of hidden under my hair.

Topshop Space Galaxy detail shirt | The Colour Chronicles
Topshop Space Shirt | Black Fake Leather Trousers | The Colour Chronicles

I still don’t understand WHY this outfit is so out of my comfort zone. It’s not like I never wear black and all the elements are things I wear often. High waited trousers, shirts, crop tops. It doesn’t make any sense but because the outfit lacks so much colour it feels weird to me. I think it looks really awesome though and have no regrets buying the fake leather trousers!

Even taking these photos I knew I wanted a bright ass background. Partly to make the outfit stand out but partly because a lack of colour just doesn’t feel right to me. However, I’m totally ok with that being who I am and I know I can go out in an all black outfit if I want and still look like myself! 

I’m really glad the weather is starting to cool down now so I can actually go out in them and not sweat my ass off! What do you think to these trousers? Would you wear them? What’s out of your comfort zone? Comment below!

Photo credit: Rachel War 

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