An Easy Manicure With Elegant Touch Nails*

When it comes to my nails, I’ve had a bit of a rocky history. I used to be absolutely awful with biting them right down short until I was about 18, when I finally kicked the habit and committed to growing them out. While they’ve never been particularly long or strong, they’re now doing pretty well.

However, being a relatively low-maintenance girl who uses her hands, I like to keep them at a manageable length while still looking boss so I can do functional things like put my contact lenses in! Elegant Touch* have an incredible range for every occasion.

Elegant Touch Instanails - The Colour Chronicles

The Application

This particular pair are part of the Elegant Touch Instanail Express pre-glued range which promise a 3 minute application with no damage. Because they’re pre-glued, all you have to do is peel the backs off, line them up against your cuticle and press down! It actually took me probably about an hour and a half to apply though, because after I applied each one I filed them down to a more manageable length for me as I can’t function with really long nails! The nails are just as easy to file as normal nails which I was happy about, although I think I butchered the shape of a couple of them a little bit.

So something to keep in mind if you do want to trim down to a suitable length is that application will take much longer than just three minutes, but if you don’t want to file then they’re fast as hell.


The Longevity

I’m clumsy as hell. I always have been. I’ve tried some false nails before and lost half of them within 20 minutes. These Elegant Touch ones however, I kept on for four days before deciding to remove them and I know they could have lasted much longer. The glue on them is quite flexible (if that’s the right word) which means if you catch them on something they’re a lot less likely to just pop off.

The Removal

These are actually way harder to remove than I thought they would be, which says something about their longevity! I know you’re supposed to soak false nails off but I just twisted them off and removed them. This does leave a bit of sticky residue behind but I just soaked that with some nail polish remover then gave my hands a really good wash with warm soapy water.

Things To Note

One of the main reasons I removed these nails after four days was that, because they come pre-glued, (quite obviously) the whole of the back of the nail has glue applied to it. Where my natural nails were shorter underneath, this means there was a section of the false nail with its glue exposed. As the glue was tacky, it meant keeping them clean can be kind of difficult as things naturally stick to them, so they can get a bit grimy underneath if your natural nails are much shorter!

Especially where I wear contact lenses and often have contact with my eyes, cleanliness is quite important, so if that’s a big concern of yours then perhaps spending a bit of time on nails where you apply the glue yourself to your natural nail might be a better option, of if you’re only planning on wearing press-ons for a short period of time.

Have you ever tried Elegant Touch false nails before? Which are your favourite out of the range? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much to Elegant Touch for sending me these nails (and others which will feature in later posts)!


Photo credit: Elena Bjxrn


*Disclaimer: Products in this post were provided for review but all opinions are my own.

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