Eco Cosmetics Skincare for Tattooed Skin*

It’s no secret that I love tattoos and have a few of my own. Everyone I know with tattoos seems to swear by a different routine, even down to most artists recommending different aftercare practices and products! I’m still yet to find the routine that works perfectly for me, but I’m getting closer.
After a new tattoo, it’s common for the colours to settle and not look so bright once the initial healing process is over. Eco Cosmetics have formulated a range of products to try and tackle this, to care for the delicate tattooed area and prolong the colours within them. I was sent the Tattoo Body Lotion and the Tattoo Shower Gel to try out by the lovely people over at SVPR!*

Eco Cosmetics Tattoo SkincareEco Cosmetics Tattoo Skincare

The first thing I noticed about these is how gorgeous the packaging is. Inspired by tribal designs, the boxes have a stunning heart design in black and white, whereas the bottles themselves are a little more basic. The scent of these products is also really light – while I’m not in love with it, it’s certainly not unpleasant and obviously unscented products are better for promoting skin healing and vibrancy, so it’s understandable that they’re not perfumed.
As with this sort of product, the ingredients used are of the utmost importance. Eco Cosmetics use noni extract from the noni fruit which is high in fatty acids to encourage quick healing and prevention of germs spreading – fantastic for healing skin where any infection could damage the appearance of your tattoo! The products are also rich in pomegranate which holds anti-inflammatory properties and is high in anti-oxidants, to delay skin ageing. The lotion has SPF 10 in it, and they also have a separate sun cream – vital to wear on tattoos as exposure to the sun can cause colours to fade even faster!
These products are all vegan, cruelty free and 100% natural too, for all my vegan friends!

Eco Cosmetics Tattoo Shower Gel and Lotion

One issue I tend to find with my tattoos is dry skin in the area, no matter what I use on them. It’s never much dry skin and never really flaky, but it’s always vaguely there. Since using the Eco Cosmetics Tattoo Body Lotion I haven’t experienced that, which I’m putting down to the noni extract! It has quite a thick texture, however absorbs into the skin nicely and really does help the colours in your tattoos look brighter throughout the day.
I’m currently less enamoured by the shower gel – sharing its scent with the lotion, its texture is the complete opposite – quite runny to the extent that I feel like I’d use up the 200ml bottle very quickly! While it’s nice as what seems like a pretty basic shower gel on its own, I’m saving most of it for when I get my next tattoo in the coming couple of months as I know the ingredients will help my tattoo heal really well and that’s where it will really come into its own! I know it will take me much longer to use up the lotion though, so it’s going into my pamper routine pile!

The Colour Chronicles diamond tattooThe Colour Chronicles unicorn tattoo

If you’re interested in purchasing these or any other Eco Cosmetics products, the Tattoo Body Lotion is priced at £18.95 and the Tattoo Shower Gel retails for £12.95!
What products do you favour in your tattoo aftercare routine? I’d love to hear your suggestions!
*Products were provided for review but all opinions are my own.
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