Elegant Touch Midnight Minx Chrome Nails*

I LOVE the look of a good set of fake nails but I’m not one who wears them often because I’m a pretty low-maintenance girl. (Ok no I’m not that’s a lie but I like to be able to use my hands.) Every now and then I like to doll myself up. My housemate and I finally got around to having our housewarming party so I added these beautiful Elegant Touch Midnight Minx chrome nails* (£9.95) to my outfit.

Elegant Touch Midnight Minx chrome nails

First off, can we talk about how gorgeous these are? The Midnight Minx blue chrome is just beautiful and I’d definitely have chosen these out for myself. The box comes with 24 nails in 10 sizes, with glue, in this oval shape. I think this might be my favourite shape nail as they look really natural and I’m less likely to cause serious bodily damage with oval rather than stiletto! 

Applying Elegant Touch false nails

Any time I’ve tried to use false nails I’ve never had any luck getting them to stay on. I’ve always put this down to me just being ridiculously clumsy. After trying Elegant Touch though, I’m converted. I now think it’s just been low-quality glue that’s meant I always lose false nails within minutes.

Elegant Touch nails are SO easy to apply. Once I’d selected the right sizes for my nails and laid them out, I had these applied in probably five minutes flat. You apply a dot of glue to your nail and a dot to the fake nail, hole it at about a 45 degree angle to your cuticle then just press down and hold for a short while That’s it, done! 

Elegant Touch Midnight Minx Chrome Fake Nails

Because I keep my natural nails quite short, I always feel the need to file fakes down a bit so they’re easier for me to get on with. For the first couple of days with these nails I didn’t file them down because it was a weekend. However, when I went back to work I did just to make it easier to type! They’re so easy to file – just like normal nails, except it took me a little bit longer to do!

The Wear Time

In total, I had these on for dead on a week. What was quite funny is that after the first one popped off, the other 9 followed within about an hour! You’re not supposed to remove them by just picking them off, but I think after a week the glue just gave up! To actually remove them, you’re supposed to file the nail surface itself then soak in nail polish remover, but I can’t vouch for how easy that is to do unfortunately. 

I’m definitely going to repurchase these nails myself. I think the blue chrome is stunning and a week’s worth of wear is definitely worth the cost in my opinion!

Thank you so much to Elegant Touch for sending me the Midnight Minx chrome nails to try out!

I’ve previously tried the Elegant Touch pre-glued false nails but didn’t like them quite as much. Read more about them in my previous post! 

How do you get on with false nails? Are they too much for you or do you wear them religiously? Let me know in the comments!

*Disclaimer: Products included in this post were sent for review but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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