Festival Essentials*

Y’all know by now I go to a lot of festivals, but there are certain festival essentials I pack every time which are tried and tested, come in handy and are just generally pretty useful.


Essentialle Revival Nectar Face Oil*

I have a pretty rigorous skincare routine which tends to go by the wayside at festivals. I always tend to shower and wash my face but it’s still pretty hard to avoid both the grime and the elements, so looking after your skin both before and after is essential (or Essentialle, you could say) (I’m so funny I’m glad I crack myself up). I’ve been using the Revival Nectar face oil before and after festivals to both prepare and hydrate my skin before spending days outside and afterwards to put some nourishment back into my face after festivals as it always gets a little dry from the sun.

Lush Eau Roma Water 

I love Lush’s toner waters and this one in particular has been great for my skin. I always take a bottle to festivals with me as it’s great to spray on your face to cool down, wipe off any dirt or grease and generally just keep your skin in check. I use these religiously every day even when I’m not at festivals, they’re definitely high up in my skincare essentials.

Garnier Ambre Soltaire Clear Protect

I really, truly hate sun cream. I use it because I like to protect my skin but I really hate the greasy feeling it leaves. However, at a festival last year a friend introduced me to the Garnier Ambre Soltaire Clear Protect and it’s quite frankly changed my life. If ever I’m in the sun I’ll douse myself in Factor 50 and this stuff just sprays on like a clear liquid and you rub it in – no grease like normal sun cream and it makes me feel so much cleaner. I’m honestly not sure if I’ll ever use another sun cream!


Primark Pineapple & Coconut Hand Gel

If you ever go to a festival and don’t have a bottle of antibac on you, what are you doing? This only cost me £1 and smells like a pina colada – makes the fact that you haven’t had clean hands in hours slightly less disgusting.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Can’t wash your hair? Mini dry shampoo. Pretty self explanatory.

Sure Compressed Deodorant

Same concept as above, deodorant edition.

Barry M Holographic Eyeshadow Toppers

I actually have a whole post on the Barry M Holographic Content collection but these eyeshadow toppers are the perfect shine. I use them as both eyeshadows and highlighters when I want my glow to be seen from the moon.

Blistex Cherry Intensive Moisturiser

As with skincare, the sun and cold weather can both be really bad for your lips so taking care of them is key. This is my favourite lip balm and I will always repurchase it because it just works so much better than any other I’ve tried.

Collection Ultimate Fix 3 in 1 Foundation/Concealer/Powder

I don’t actually think Collection make this any more which makes me endlessly sad because this is the perfect festival base. It’s got SPF15 in it and works as a cream-to-powder foundation which, gross as it sounds, is great for making your skin look less shiny when you’ve only been washing with baby wipes for a few days.

Portable Hairbrush

I don’t even remember when I bought this hairbrush but I think it was in Primark years ago for £1. This always comes with me when I need to travel because it folds up really small and saves a lot of space in a festival backpack – mine is only 45l as I try to pack light so saving any space helps.

Next Summer Sun Handbag Perfume

I always have a handbag perfume on me and the one I’m loving most right now is Next Summer Sun for its lovely coconut/floral scent. It’s also the perfect size to fit in a bumbag or backpack if you take one into the arena with you and helps you feel just a little fresher.

Makeup Obsession Eyebrow/Contour Powders

I normally use the Morphe 35OM palette to do my eyebrows and contour but I already take my Morphe 35B palette to festivals and want to limit the amount of makeup I take. I use the two-colour eyebrow and contour shadows as they’re nice and small and fit into my bag much easier than another palette.


Skinnydip Holographic Bumbag

Bumbags are perfect for festivals – my sister got me this Skinnydip one for my birthday a few years ago and it’s still holding up good as new! It’s just the right size to fit all the festival essentials in and I love it.

What are your festival essentials? Let me know in the comments!


Disclaimer: Products marked * were sent for review but all opinions are my own.

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