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One of the main reasons I love festivals and go to so many is not only getting to hang out with my mates and watch bands I love, but also getting to discover new bands and artists who become firm favourites.

Festival Playlist 2018 | Panasonic Ad*

For me, discovering new bands begins before you even get to the live performances. It’s about checking out the festival playlist(s) before you go, asking your friends for recommendations of who to see and jamming some of the festival’s artists while you’re chilling out in the campsite in the days before the music even starts. The Panasonic Waterproof Bluetooth speaker* is perfect for this! With its sleek design and light weight, it makes it perfect to pack for a festival. The sound quality and power can hold its own against a noisy campsite and, of course, it’s waterproof – because we all know what a British summer is like, especially when it comes to festival season.

My 2018 Festival Playlist 

Throughout the season, I always make a festival playlist of the bands I’ve discovered and seen that summer. Here are some of the new bands I’ve discovered through 2018’s festival circuit!

  1. The Xcerts: The Xcerts have been on my radar for ages now but I’ve never got around to listening to them. I caught their acoustic Forest set quite by accident at 2000 Trees and haven’t looked back. I’m hooked! The Scottish drawl and upbeat melodies really do it for me.
  2. Ded: Ded were a discovery I made before Download Festival by listening to the playlist beforehand. As I knew there weren’t loads of bands I wanted to see, I decided to check out their playlist and discover some new ones. Ded were one of those. They’re bringing back the nu-metal era and I love it.
  3. Vodun: Another 2000 Trees band here. Female-fronted and badass, also another pre-festival playlist discovery. If you’re into killer vocals and heavy guitar licks, these guys are for you.
  4. Holding Absence: A band killing it on the festival circuit right now, these Welsh boys are making a name for themselves. I’d already heard of them through friends but had never seen them, so I’m glad I got to check them out at Slam Dunk South this year.
  5. Greta Van Fleet: A band we were listening to through my friend’s wireless Bluetooth speaker off the Download playlist in the campsite. Dubbed as the modern-day Led Zeppelin, these guys are so far up my street they might as well live on it. 10/10 would recommend.
  6. Palaye Royale: Again a band I’d heard of before, I saw them for the first time at Slam Dunk. Honestly, that’s where I really fell in love. These guys encapsulate the whole 80s vibe in a totally modern way and they’re instant faves.

I’m always after new music to check out! Who have you discovered in the festival circuit this year? Let me know who you’re jamming!


*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Panasonic.

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