Getting Colourful with Unicorn Cosmetics*

I shamelessly love anything gimmicky and I’m all over unicorns and mermaids, mainly because they match my whole aesthetic. Unicorn Cosmetics recently offered to send me a few items from their beautiful collection*, which I’m all over.  

Unicorn Cosmetics Delphine & Lilu Mermaid Makeup Brushes*

I love a good makeup brush, especially when they’re as aesthetic-y as this. I chose the Delphine angled bronzer brush and the Lilu tapered foundation and contour brush because they’re the two types of brushes I use the most.

Something notable about these brushes is the handles are made of flexible rubber. Unicorn Cosmetics promise this will allow greater precision and control, but I found the opposite. I felt I had to hold the brush on the metal base of the bristles where it wasn’t flexible for better control. However, that’s only a minor problem with usage and doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the brushes themselves.

Unicorn Cosmetics Delphine and Lilu brushes

I’ve been using the Lilu brush when I want my foundation laid to the gods, or a contour sharp enough to kill someone. This brush blends beautifully and the 100% vegan bristles are to die for. Most of the time I like a softer contour but when I’m going on a night out this brush is the one. As for foundation, when I can’t be bothered to use a beauty blender.

As for the Delphine brush, I’ve been using this when I’m after a softer contour or the occasional time I highlight. Again, I love this just as much as the Lilu brush. Aside from the flexible handles (which I’m sure work for some people) I can’t fault these brushes. Besides, they’re GORGEOUS. 

Unicorn Cosmetics Delphine Brush

These brushes both retail for £17.99.

Glitterskin glitter paste in shade Glitterin’*

I LOVE wearing glitter because who doesn’t, let’s be real. The Unicorn Cosmetics Glitterskin is honestly one of the best glitters I’ve used. Where most glitters you buy are loose and you have to use a glue of sorts, these are more of a gel. That means you apply them and they’ll dry and set on your skin by themselves with no need to add a glue. 

Unicorn Cosmetics Glitterskin in shade Glitterin'

This holographic silver shade has specs of different colours in it which means it’s absolutely beautiful when it hits the light. I wore this all day at Portsmouth Pride in the sun and it didn’t come off at all, so its lasting power is also fantastic. Again, much like the brushes, I can’t fault it at all. A little goes a long way and I like to dab it on with a finger instead of rubbing as it builds it up a bit more and I think helps it last.

For just £8.99, the Unicorn Cosmetics Glitterskins are an absolute bargain.

Unicorn Cosmetics False Lashes*

Unicorn Cosmetics have a HUGE range of false lashes including mink and 3D faux silk ones. Being veggie I won’t use the minx lashes, but I’m all game for 3D faux silk. I got sent the Rebel Smoke Unicorn Lashes and the Blaise Dragon Lashes.

Unicorn Cosmetics False Lashes

Both of these lashes are designed for impact, being fuller towards the outer corner. I don’t tend to wear lashes very often but when I do I like IMPACT. I haven’t tried either of these out yet because I’m waiting for the right event but I can’t wait! The boxes are gorgeous too, something else I love. These are £9.99 per box but you can get 10+ wears out of each set of lashes, so the value is unbeatable. 

Thank you so much to Unicorn Cosmetics for sending me these items!

*Disclaimer: Products included in this post were sent for review but all opinions are my own. 

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