Getting New Specs & Glasseslit Review

I’ve needed vision correction since I was 10, ever since my primary school teacher picked up on the fact that I couldn’t actually read the whiteboard from my seat at the back of the classroom.

Back when I was a kid, options for glasses that actually looked good were limited, to say the least, and being 10 years old I hadn’t found my own style yet.

Cat eye glasses from Glasseslit

When I was 14, I decided to sack them off and start wearing contact lenses instead. I’ve never regretted this – I love wearing lenses, it works for me and my lifestyle, and helped with my confidence. I’ve always had a pair of glasses at home for times like early in the morning or late at night when I don’t have my lenses in yet, but as they’ve never been my primary form of vision correction I never spent much time trying to find a pair I really liked.

Because I always hated my glasses, I only ever wore them out the house when I had to – when I’d ripped a contact lens, or when they were irritating my eyes, or flying.

The older I’ve got, the more I’ve wanted the option to actually wear glasses. Lenses are still my main form of vision correction – and will remain so – but I decided it would be nice to have glasses I feel confident in that suit me and my style, so I don’t resent having to wear them.

My Experience Ordering From Glasseslit

I kept getting adverts on Instagram for Glasseslit as they had some really cool frames I loved. Having checked out their website a few times, there were a handful of frames I had my eye on, but I knew they regularly offered discounts so waited until there was a discount that suited me – in this case, a Buy One Get One Free offer.

The Process

When ordering from Glasseslit, you obviously need to know your prescription (mine’s L -3.75 R -3.00 if you’re curious), and also your pupillary distance. This can be found by measuring the distance between the centre of your pupils. You could also ask your optician if you have one, or get a friend to help – Elena helped me with mine.

Once you’ve selected your frames and lenses (single vision, bifocal etc), you enter your prescription, select lens thickness, tint & coating, and you’re good to go. As long as you know what you’re after, ordering is simple as anything.

Anna Cat Eye glasses
Tolonyia square glasses from Glasseslit

I chose the Tolonyia Rectangle frames in Rose (these are actually more red in person than they look on the site ($21.95) and the Anne Full Frame Cat Eye glasses ($15.95) so that I’ve got an everyday pair and something a little more jazzy.

Both pairs feel really good quality to me and just like any other glasses I’ve had – and I’ve had a range from cheap to designer. They also arrived in a separate case each. The Anne Full Frame Cat Eye glasses also came with a spare set of nose pads and a screwdriver which I wasn’t expecting! (The Tolonyia glasses don’t have removable nose pads to begin with as they’re fully acetate frames with in-built nose pads).

Square glasses


Delivery took just under a month in total, ending up being about 4 and a half weeks. As it was an international delivery, I did expect this.

When I logged onto my account I did find that the order wasn’t actually on my account even though I had the email confirmations, so I couldn’t work out how to track it. However, I live-chatted with someone at Glasseslit who sorted this out for me and sent me all the tracking details I needed so I could keep up to date with my delivery.

I have heard people say delivery for them was quicker, but if you’re after some glasses in a rush I’d say perhaps Glasseslit isn’t your place unless you pay extra for faster delivery. However, for glasses on a budget and for a wide range of styles and frames, I can’t fault them.

If you’ve ordered glasses online, let me know your experiences as I’m keen to check out more cool frames!

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