Hair Extensions with Irresistible Me*

Since the ripe old age of 16 when I cut my hair into a truly diabolical bob, I’ve had an interest in hair extensions. Having had significantly less hair disasters since then, I put the idea of extensions to the back of my mind until Irresistible Me kindly offered to send me a set of theirs!*

I opted for the 200g, 22inch Royal Remy Clip In Hair Extensions in Platinum Blonde which obviously don’t match my hair, but my intention was to custom dye them as my hair is brown with a pink dip-dye. However, if you have naturally coloured hair, Irresistible Me have a huge colour range which would make it easy to match to your natural colour. These extensions are 100% human hair which makes them safe to dye and heat style, though not in excess as it’ll damage the hair.

Now when it came to dying, I had two options – I could have either chosen extensions in a brown to match my hair and bleached the ends before dip-dying them, or I could go for blonde and completely dye them. I figured this was a better option as I didn’t want to ruin them with bleach and it’d cause much less damage dying them dark than trying to bleach them to light.

One of the good things about these extensions is that they come with a sample piece that you can use to check and colour match, and if it’s not right them you can send them back without voiding the rest of the set. Obviously this is much more important if you’re trying to get a colour to exactly match your hair, but as I was custom dying mine it didn’t matter so much.

The set itself comes with 10 pieces – 1 piece of 4 clips, 2 with 3 clips, 5 pieces with 2 clips and 2 with 1 clip. I have a magnificently small head so I didn’t even need half as many to cover my head so I still have a couple of the two clip and one of the three clip pieces left, which I’m thinking about adding some different colours into to mix and match it up a bit.

The quality of the extensions is incredible – even after dying they feel silky soft and really thick. Dying them was easy enough – I clipped all the pieces I wanted to dye in my hair, used elastic bands to work out how low to take the brown dye and then applied the brown, washed it out and blended pink and orange into the hair. The only bit that was difficult was the four-clip weft of hair – as it was so thick, it was hard to make sure the dye had saturated through all the layers, particularly at the top, but I think I did a relatively good job.

I was a bit nervous about not being able to clip them in easily myself but it’s actually really easy to do if you separate your hair out and take your time over it. They’re also really comfortable to wear – I might wait til the weather cools down a bit just because of how thick they are they get quite hot around the neck, but they’re absolutely gorgeous.



The products I used for the dying are:

L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Dark Chocolate // La Riche Directions in Cerise, Flamingo Pink and Coral Red // Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hair Milk

Keep your eyes peeled for my next post including before and after pictures and thank you to Irresistible Me for the extensions!

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