Halloween Watercolour Makeup Look

I love creating weird and wonderful makeup looks, especially when it comes to Halloween! A few years ago I did a pop art look and this year I decided to try and create a watercolour makeup look. It’s not the cleanest as some of the blending didn’t go to plan but I’m pretty happy with it!  

Watercolour Makeup Halloween Look

The Base

I normally start with my eyebrows, then eyes, THEN do my foundation, but obviously with this look that wasn’t really possible! First for this I primed my face and did my foundation as normal. I’ve been using Maybelline’s Dream Satin Liquid since I ran out of my Milani 2-in-1 and I’m not sure how I feel about it, but it’s not bad.  

For contour, I used a raspberry shade in my Morphe 35B eyeshadow palette which was also used for the eyes!

The Base

My eyebrows were the next thing I did, using MAC’s Chromaline gels in Process Magenta and Hi-Def Cyan with an angled brush. I’ve done coloured eyebrows before but this is making me so tempted to dye my brows blue! I actually love these gels because they’re so versatile. I use them essentially as paint, eyeshadow base, eyeliner, lip art and everything in between.

The Eyes

The eyes were done with a combination of products. On the lids were shadows from the Morphe 35B palette. For the “tears” under the eyes, I used almost entirely Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks (shades Prom Night, I’m Royalty, Huntington Beach, Abused, Blue Velvet and some mixed). The white eyeliner was a liquid one from some unknown brand which I should probably have thrown away by now, and the black is my all time fave – Bourjois Pinceau Liquid Liner in Ultra Black.

I was hoping the white eyeliner would have blended under the eyes more with the liquid lipstick but I think the trick is to mix them before applying, as opposed to applying the liquid lipstick over the eyeliner which is what I did! 

As the lipsticks are liquid, they make doing watercolour makeup pretty easy. You can just draw them on how you like as opposed to trying to layer on powders how you want them, which I find is much more difficult when trying to create a liquid effect.

Watercolour Makeup Halloween Look

The Lips

For the lipstick, I used Jeffree Star’s Huntington Beach liquid lipstick again using the white eyeliner as detailing. 

Across the rest of the face, I just used my black liquid eyeliner to add more depth and detail! To finish off, I used the Barry M Feature Length Mascara.

Watercolour Makeup Halloween Look

Let me know what you think to this look! What sort of Halloween looks are you going to be trying? 

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