How do you have sex?*

You’re probably reading the title of this post and thinking “what do you mean? Sex is sex, p goes in v, bada bing bada boom”.
That’s not always the case.

Sex Education

Sex ed in schools has been a topic that has concerned me ever since I became old enough to realise just how niche the coverage is. It’s very centric to heterosexual, penetrative sex and that’s an issue. LGBT+ teens growing up aren’t faced with enough coverage of all the different ways you can have sex. We’re taught that losing your virginity is when the penis goes in the vagina and to be done with it, let alone having sex with someone of the same gender.
And then we’re faced with the issue of how to achieve pleasure from sex. I went to an girls-only school and the few things I remember from my sex ed classes were how to put condoms on bananas and how to prevent an STI. We were barely taught about things like birth control, consent wasn’t even touched upon and the fact that we can and should receive pleasure from having sex isn’t even an afterthought.
I’ve always found it difficult to orgasm through penetrative sex and it’s never really been something I’ve hidden or been shy about. However, before the age of about 20 it was something I just kind of assumed was the norm – I’d have sex with my partners, not achieve orgasm very often without external stimulation and that’s the way it was.

Sexual Confidence

Luckily for me, I’ve always been someone confident in talking about exploring your body, actually doing so, and discovering what gets me going.
In the last couple of years, I’ve grown more and more confident in myself to open up with partners about how to help me orgasm when we have sex – and by that I’m not simply talking about penetrative sex, I mean any kind of sexual activity. Another one of the things they don’t teach you in school – you don’t have to have an orgasm every time you have sex and that’s ok. I can be perfectly fulfilled (pardon the pun) from any kind of sexual activity and not have an orgasm at all, and that’s ok.
However, I’m really lucky to have a wonderfully understanding boyfriend who is amazing at helping me get off and is really open to using toys in the bedroom. That brings me to Smile Makers Collection.
Smile Makers Collection’s mission is to normalise the perception of female sexuality and empower women to to explore their own bodies and find what they enjoy, and have developed a range of vibrators to encourage this.
Smile Makers Collection is a brand born out of what women want – having realised there were very few real female-friendly toys in sex shops, they set out to crate a tasteful, unique brand that is not only respectful to women but can give maximum pleasure using only the best materials. They’re a brand who are really focused on helping people find out what they like.

Exploring Your Body

If you want a brand who you can feel comfortable exploring your body with, Smile Makers are the one.
I’ve used several vibrators from their collection and can confirm they’re great for beginners through to those more experienced with sex toys – if you’d like to know more I’ve reviewed The Frenchman, The Surfer and The Tennis Coach previously.
They’ve created two sets for Valentine’s Day! The first bundle, Me Time, features The Tennis Coach and The Fireman and is designed with self-exploration in mind! The classic g-spot stimulator The Tennis Coach and external vibrator The Fireman give you two basic but powerful tools to explore yourself and what you like in the bedroom.
The other set, Cuddle, Please is designed more with couples in mind. Similarly to Me Time, this bundle includes The Fireman but also has The Frenchman, a really unique, flexible external vibrator. Cuddle, Please was created to encourage couples to not focus purely on penetrative sex, but to help each other explore other ways to reach orgasm, incorporating internal and external pleasure and simply have a little fun in the bedroom together, much like I was talking about earlier.

Smile Makers Collection Valentine's Day Gift Sets - Exploring Your Body | The Colour Chronicles

Now for the exciting part! I’ve teamed up with Smile Makers Collection to bring one of my lucky readers their own Cuddle, Please set! The best part of this is that even though, like I mentioned, the set is designed for couples, anyone can use it, even on your own! So please don’t be put off from entering if you’re single or don’t use toys with your partner! Entries an be done via the Rafflecopter embed below. Good luck!
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