How to keep bleached hair healthy

As most of you may know, I’ve been bleaching and dying my hair for years – I first put temporary pink streaks in it when I was 11 and started bleaching when I was 16, going in with a mint green dip dye which I’ve just gone back to now! Since then I’ve been pretty much every colour under the sun, and I’ve worked to maintain my colour and keep my hair from falling out of my head. Therefore, I’ve come up with a few great products and techniques to keep my bleached hair healthy.

I take meticulous care over my hair – I love it and how it makes me feel (when it actually behaves) so I like to look after it. I generally rotate shampoo and conditioner between the Treseme Colour Protect range and the Aussie ones – at the moment I’m using Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and the 3 Minute Miracle Colour deep treatment conditioner. These both come in between £5 and £6 but are usually on offer in Boots on a 3 for £10, which is totally worth it. This bottle of shampoo has lasted me for months so it’s decent value for the product you get.

I’ll also alternate between using the Aussie conditioner and this Vatika Virgin Olive hair mask. This makes my hair feel so damn soft it’s ridiculous, and the tub has lasted me about 8 months so far with probably another month or two left (and I use it about twice a week). When I condition, I’ll always towel-dry my hair to get all the water out and then slather conditioner on – I find it helps the product work a bit better.

The mask cost £5.49 from a local Asian food shop round the corner from my house but their range can be found on the Superdrug website and I assume in stores, not that I’ve ever seen any in my Superdrug. Rachael from Helpless Whilst Drying also uses these masks and I know she really likes them too.

Sometimes when I think my hair needs it after a good bleach sesh or when it’s suffering a bit I’ll use this Boots Coconut Leave In Conditioner. You can tell how long I’ve had this bottle because I wrote a review of it about two years ago and they stopped selling it shortly after, so I’m going to be heartbroken when it runs out, which probably won’t be any time soon!

2018 Update: I’m also absolutely LIVING for Knight & Wilson’s PurePlex which is a fab dupe for Olaplex. Check out my full post to see why I love it.

I don’t tend to use many products on my hair because I always find they never work for me and just weigh my hair down, but when I need a bit of texture I’ll use one of these ones from the Vo5 range.

Aside from the atrocity which is the Vo5 range on the Boots website, I actually really like these products. The Effortless Wave foam is a really natural-feeling product which just gives me hair a little bit more texture than lying dead flat, and holds style a little bit which is all I really want from it.

The Tousled Style Spray is the exact opposite – it’s basically a hair spray on crack. I love it because it holds style better than any hair spray I’ve ever tried, but it does severely dry out the ends of my hair so I try to limit my use of it. The spray can be used on wet or dry hair – I normally use it on dry hair after styling, but on wet hair it creates a less intense effect.

These are both normally £4.40 but on offer in Boots right now for £3, absolute bargain.

As for how I keep my pink so bright, the dyes I use most of from either Directions or Schwarzkopf. I tend to reach for the Directions ones (either Rose Red, Cerise, Dark Tulip or a mix depending on how I’m feeling) as they’re the best I’ve tried for colour payoff and longevity, but when I fancy a bit of a change I’ll go for the Schwarzkopf Live XXL in Shocking Pink.

I normally redye every three or so weeks depending on how much it’s faded. The Schwarzopf dye is normally between £4 and £6 depending on offers and the Directions ones are £5 in my town’s local emo shop which is where they’re always stocked – and every town has that one emo shop!

To stop fading I rinse my hair in cool water and keep shampoo on my roots – this both helps with the colour and stopping my ends getting dry! I also barely ever blow dry my hair, so I don’t get too much fading from heat use although I do style my hair about 4 times a week.

Et voila! My complete hair care routine. What products do you use to keep bleached hair healthy? Also you can laugh at teenage me and my varying hair colours now, if you made it this far!

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