Huge Lush Easter Haul

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve done a proper Lush haul. This has actually been spread over about three shops, I didn’t get it all in one go, but I did purchase the majority of it at the Lush reopening event night last week. I’m not sure when I’m going to get around to using everything but I’m excited!

As I mentioned in my event post, some of these products are limited only to the Portsmouth and Oxford Street stores and online, so I apologise if you can’t find them in your local stores!

I had to grab one of the Mother Earth bath bombs (£7.95) before they sold out – I saw Laura from Lush Portsmouth post about this on her Instagram and knew I had to get it. This bath bomb is absolutely huge – I put it next to the Chocolate lip scrub which came in the event goodie bags for comparison! It doesn’t smell earthy at all which I’m happy about, it’s actually got a really lovely spearmint scent which is one of my favourite things so I’m looking forward to dunking this into a huge bath, though I’m probably going to split it in two to save some money.

The Chocolate lip scrub came free in our event goodie bags, but is normally priced at £5.75. I’ve always got at least one Lush lip scrub in my bag at any given time (currently Sugar Plum Fairy) and I’ve never tried the chocolate one so I was really happy to receive it! It tastes like chocolate orange and is just as good as every other lip scrub I’ve tried from Lush, so this is a welcome fourth addition to my collection.

As soon as I saw there was an Easter Egg version of Intergalactic I knew I needed it. Intergalactic is one of my favourite bath bombs and the egg version Integgalactic (£5.95) is a cute little novelty. This again has a really fresh, minty scent which is gorgeous, and just the right amount of glitter!

I also received the Which Came First spotted egg in my goodie bag (usually £5.95) – I was actually debating buying this but changed my mind to save some money, so I’m glad I didn’t! It has a sweet citrus scent and a surprise inside which I already know but haven’t seen so I’m excited to find out what it looks like.

Over and Over (£4.25) is another citrusy bath bomb, however this one is half coated with a layer of cocoa butter so it’s really nourishing for the skin. I’m planning to save this one for when I need a little extra moisturising, probably when the weather warms up a bit closer to summer.

Golden Egg (£3.95) is a bath bomb I’ve always been slightly terrified of because of the sheer amount of glitter. That being said, I’m finally ready to embrace the glitter lover inside of me and escape my bath covered head to toe. This is more of a melt than a bomb, with a warming chocolate orange scent and a tonne of butters in it which are great for skin that needs looking after. I hate the feeling of being too oily which I normally get after using the Lush bath melts so I’m probably going to split this in half and use it.

I bought Rose Jam over Christmas when I popped into Lush and it’s no longer on sale, which I’m gutted about as it’s one of my favourite scents. This is a gorgeous uplifting, gently nourishing shower gel and I can’t wait to grab another bottle next Christmas.

Wash Behind Your Ears (£5.95) is a shower gel I’ve never even heard of, somehow, but it’s really quite pleasant! It’s got a light floral, slightly rosy smell which I like so hopefully this will be a good replacement to use once I run out of Rose Jam.

I also purchased one of the pink Mum bath bombs (£2.95) for myself out of the Mother’s Day collection (it’s ok, my mum doesn’t use bath products)! I wasn’t too keen on this in store but once I got it home I liked it a lot more. The scent leans towards Refreshers sweets which I loved as a kid so it’s a nice throwback to that.

Last year Lush had Rose Bombshell (£4.25) in their Easter or Mother’s Day range, I can’t remember which, but I loved it and was happy to see it back this year. As you might be able to tell from this post, I love rose scents so it was no surprise I grabbed another one of these while I could!

Lush run a scheme where if you take back five empty black pots for recycling, you get a free fresh face mask (worth £7.95). I’ve had a few face products on the go for a while recently so I was waiting til I ran out to get a new one but I went for BB Seaweed which I’ve never tried after receiving an in-store skin consultation at the VIP event. I’ve used this a couple of times since purchasing and it’s really cleansing while being slightly nourishing – great for combination skin like mine.

Last, and frankly also quite least is the Comforter bubble bar I got to make in store at the event (usually £4.95). This turned out kind of awfully, but hey, it works just the same so I don’t really care. The Comforter is a long standing favourite so I don’t care what it looks like!

And that concludes the biggest Lush haul I’ve done in a very long time! I’m really excited to get to using all of these products, and thank you to Lush for the event goodie bags and chance to make the Comforter again!


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