I am what I wear*

I love fashion. I love being able to choose how I define myself and how I present myself in what I wear. I love clothes and how they can make you feel so many different things.
I love getting home at the end of a long day, putting on my boyfriend’s hoodie and my pyjama bottoms and getting comfortable af.
I love the other end of the spectrum too – throwing on an oversized band tshirt, some red PVC trousers* and a leopard print bomber* and going out to slay my life.
I guess what I’m trying to say is clothes are pretty awesome, really. One of my favourite things is seeing how different people style the same item. Even a statement piece like these sick trousers can be made completely your own, depending on what you pair them with.
I’ve always had a thing for 80s glam rock, hair metal and everything in between. As soon as vinyl/wet look/PVC started coming on the scene as a big thing, I knew I needed to find myself something awesome in the look but I was waiting until I came across the right item to get my hands on, which I happened to find on the LOTD website.
Leopard print is also a huge part of my wardrobe and has been since I realised what prints were. As soon as I saw this leopard print bomber I knew I needed it and I have zero regrets.
When I was putting this look together, I was a bit stumped. I found these trousers and knew I needed them, but had no idea what to wear them with. My intention was to team them up with a LOTD crop top (keep your eyes peeled for a later post) but when it came to it, I hated the outfit together. Going through my wardrobe, I pulled out one of my many Guns N Roses tshirts – this one being the Nightrain fan club shirt as I knew the red print would go perfectly and an oversized band tshirt solves all problems.
Bomber in hand, last thing left was the shoes and why shine a little when you can shine a lot? These silver boots and backpack tied it all together perfectly.
I feel absolutely great in this outfit and I’m so glad I finally found the perfect PVC trousers to add to my closet!
Thank you so much to LOTD for sending me these gorgeous items! All photo credit goes to my girl Elena who always makes me look ace.
How would you style PVC trousers? Let me know!

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*Products included in this post were provided for my blog but all opinions are my own.
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