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One of my pet peeves about false nails is that I love how they look and all the create nail art you can find, but they’re too long for me to be a functional human. Then I have to spend an hour filing them down, and I can never get the shape quite right, and it’s a whole fiasco.

Kiss Impress Pre Glued Nails in shade So Unexpected

About ImPRESS Nails

ImPRESS Nails are the best of both worlds. They’re pre-glued which makes them easy to stick on, and they come at a manageable length already. So, if you’re fairly low-maintenance or not used to dealing with long nails then they’re ideal.

Applying ImPRESS Nails

These are probably the easiest false nails to apply. All you have to do is size them up against your own nails, peel off the backing, and press them down onto your nail. The glue is pressure-activated so ImPRESS recommend pressing down for about 30 seconds per nails. Even still, that makes application really quick and given they don’t need filing, once they’re on that’s it.

I was recently sent the So Unexpected set by Alex Silver PR as an Easter gift* so I fittingly wore these over the Easter weekend.

ImPRESS Nails | So Unexpected Press On Manicure

This set includes 30 nails; 24 plain nude nails of various sizes with 6 silver detailed accent nails. This set are quite square in shape so I did file them a little bit to round off the corners, but all in all application took about 10 minutes from start to finish.

While I’m not the sort of person who has perfectly manicured hands at all times, the ImPRESS Stick On Manicure does everything I need it to. It gives me that little bit of pizzazz when I’m feeling fancy with minimal effort on my part. Quick to reply, long-lasting, quick to remove, and look great when I want to look like I’ve put some effort in!

Impress Nails So Unexpected Press On Manicure

Thank you so much to Alex Silver PR for gifting me these nails!* If you want to get your hands on the So Unexpected set, they retail for around £6.99.

*Disclaimer: Products included in this post were gifted but all opinions are my own.

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