Jouellerie Review*

For someone who owns a fair amount of jewellery, I’m seriously lacking some “fancy” items. Jouellerie recently got in touch and sent me a few items from their collection to add to mine.

Ice Bracelet Set (£6.99)*

The Ice Bracelet set is a bit hit and miss for me. I love the simplicity of the silver earrings. However, the bracelet is just a little bit too bling for my personal style. While I’d wear the earrings daily, the bracelet is definitely more suited to an evening sort of event.

That being said, they’re both really comfortable to wear, especially with the bracelet being stretchy. I’ll definitely be adding the earrings to my daily rotation.

Jouellerie Ice Set Jouellerie Ice Earrings

Cara Classic Onyx Bracelet – £2.99*

I think the Classic Onyx Bracelet is super cute and one that’s really easy to add to an outfit to add a little something. This for me falls somewhere on the scale between plain and detailed and I think that makes it really easy to dress both up and down. The magnetic fastening is a nice added touch to make it so easy to put on by yourself – I hate fiddling with clasps to try and put bracelets on my writing hand. Also at £2.99 it’s a total steal.

Jouellerie Classic Onyx Bracelet

Crown Earrings – £2.99*

The Crown Earrings are pretty similar to the ones included in the Ice Set but slightly larger with a smaller ring of gems around the base. I also love the simplicity of these and think they’re great for an evening look – as I have multiple sets of lobe piercings I could see myself wearing the Crown and Ice earrings together to really add some sparkle.

Jouellerie Crown Earrings

Artemis Necklace – £4.99*

Honestly, I’m not sure about this necklace just because I don’t think it goes well with my own style. That’s just personal preference though. One thing I love about it is that the heart pendant can be removed so you can wear the chain on its own, which I think is something I would do more than I would wear it with the pendant on. Another item with a magnetic fastening, this means it’s also another piece which is really easy to put on yourself which I appreciate in jewellery.

Jouellerie Rose Artemis Necklace

5 Row Pave Bracelet – £4.99*

This bracelet is my favourite item out of all of them. It’s beautifully delicate, but not too dainty. To me, it’s something that can be worn daily and not look too much. Especially as it is made with Swarovski Elements, the value Jouellerie have it at is absolutely fantastic. The Pave bracelet is definitely something I would have chosen to purchase myself.

I think of all the pieces too, this feels like really good quality. Some cheaper jewellery does have the tendency to feel fragile and breakable, but all the pieces included here feel sturdy and durable which makes the value even better.

Jouellerie 5 Row Pave Bracelet Jouellerie 5 Row Pave Bracelet

Thank you so much to Jouellerie for sending me these items!


*Disclaimer: Products included in this post were provided for review but all opinions are my own.

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