Knight & Wilson PurePlex Review*

If there’s one thing in my life I put a lot of effort into, it’s my hair. I like to keep it in as good condition as possible (while still bleaching it and rocking as bright colours as possible). Therefore, when a product comes out promising to repair damage from bleaching, dyeing, heat, and styling, I have to get on it. Knight & Wilson recently sent me their new PurePlex treatment* to try out on my hair and, not to spoil anything, but I think it’s going to change my life.


A little bit on the history of my hair

First off, that little disclaimer – I am not a hairdresser, but I’ve been bleaching and dyeing my hair for eleven years now so I know what to do, what not to do and what my own hair can take. I know what happens when bleaching goes wrong, too! My poor 16 year old self figured that out when I used a load of 40vol bleach on the ends of my hair, turned it into elastic and snapped off. I’ve also been every colour under the sun. I know 20vol is the best for my hair as it’s quite thin and doesn’t deal well with anything stronger, etc.
My hair is currently pink, having bleached it up from dyed brown. It’s also a little dry and kind of frizzy. I’ve known about Knight & Wilson for ages but it wasn’t long ago that I first tried their Colour Freedom dye in the shade Magenta Dream and was instantly converted. It’s also the nicest smelling hair dye I’ve ever used, but more on that in a later post).


As with anyone with bleached hair, I have some damage and my fair share of split ends. Right now I’ve been keeping it pink, bleaching my roots as and when they grow out and that’s it to minimise damage.
However, I recently decided to shake up my purple dip dye and add some more blue tones into it, so I bleached out my roots and ends, and in between that and adding the colour, I went ahead and applied the PurePlex treatment to minimise the damage after bleaching.

Knight and Wilson Pureplex Olaplex Dupe - The Colour ChroniclesKnight and Wilson Pureplex Kit - The Colour Chronicles

The product

Dubbed as a dupe for Olaplex, PurePlex aims to repair damage from bleaching and dye, styling, chemicals and heat, featuring Amniofix repair and bond reconstructing technology. There are four simple steps to employ (two of which are shampooing and conditioning) and it claims to make your hair stronger and sleeker after just one application.


The process

The first thing I’ll say about this is the process is SO easy and full instructions are included in the kit. You shampoo with the clarifying shampoo to remove residue and product build up to start. Then, apply the bond protecting treatment and leave for 5 minutes, add the bond reconstructing treatment on top of that for another 15 minutes, rinse and condition as usual then you’re good to go! I wouldn’t say any of the products have a noticeable scent to them – they’re not unscented, but they’re pleasantly light. Part 2, the bond protecting treatment, is the hardest part of all of it. It’s a liquid that you’re applying to towel dried hair so it’s not the easiest to apply but also not difficult by any stretch of the imagination!


The bond reconstructing treatment is quite a thick creamy consistency and feels just like a luxurious hair mask. I loved it! While I was waiting for it to do its work I threw a face mask on and had a proper little pamper session.

Hair before Pureplex - The Colour Chronicles

Before PurePlex – split ends front and centre.

Hair ends after using Pureplex Olaplex dupe

After PurePlex – a difference isn’t really noticeable to the eye but my hair feels incredible.



One of my first thoughts after rinsing and conditioning is that my hair felt so soft even before drying that I thought there was still product in it – and I don’t mean in a “wow that was hard to rinse out, is there still mask in my hair” kind of way. More a “holy crap my hair feels so soft there must still be conditioner in it??” kind of way. I’m not even joking when I say this is a game changer. Obviously when bleaching your hair you’re going to suffer from some damage but using this on my freshly bleached hair, it doesn’t even feel like I’ve ever bleached my hair at all, it’s that soft.


Appearance-wise, I don’t think my hair looks much sleeker but I think that’s just my hair – no matter what I do to it, “sleek” would not be the word to describe it so I tend to just rock the “all over the place” look and go with it. However, this PurePlex witchcraft is the stuff of magic – what’s more, there’s enough left in the bond protecting and repairing treatments for at least another application if not two, so it’s fantastic value.


Claiming to “rebuild the hair’s natural structure, restore strength, elasticity and volume and protect against future damage and breakage” is pretty bold, I have to say, but I’m 100% behind it and have been recommending to everyone I know who suffers with dry and damaged hair from colouring and processing.



Thank you so much to Knight and Wilson for sending me the PurePlex treatment to try out. I’m taking my hair up to blonde soon and it’s definitely going to come along for the ride with me!
*Disclaimer: product was sent to me for review, however all opinions are my own.
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