Land Of Roses // Isle of Wight

This weekend my dad decided to treat me to an overnight stay at the Isle Of Wight as a break from university because he knows this term has been stressing me out. While looking up things to do on the island, I came across Land Of Roses and knew I had to go.

Rose is definitely in my top 5 scents – I’d even go out and say it’s probably my favourite. Land Of Roses is a little unique shop selling only rose-scented (or flavoured) products with pure Bulgarian rose oil and I fell in love as soon as I set through the door.

The Land Of Roses Shop

What’s really interesting about the shop is all the information about the actual roses. You find out that they grow in the Rose Valley in Bulgaria, only Damask roses are used and they have to be picked by hand before noon and distilled the same day to preserve the fragrance! Rose also has amazing properties which are great for your skin, part of the reason I love it so much.

The Products

I had a couple of products in mind that I knew I wanted – I recently ran out of my facial scrub so definitely wanted a new one, and I’ve been after a little rollerball perfume for a while as they’re so handy to just throw in a bag for a night out.

The products I bought were the Rose Hydro Gel (£5.50) and the Exfoliating Face Mask (£4.90). My dad treated me to the Roll On Perfume (£6) and even bought himself an aftershave, which he wasn’t expecting to like!

Obviously, everything is very strongly scented of rose so if you don’t like rose, I really can’t help you there. I’m yet to try the exfoliating face mask but both the perfume and facial gel are amazing. The scent of both lasts for SO LONG and the gel leaves my face so soft, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t soon replace my current moisturiser.

I’ve genuinely never seen so many rose products in my life. Land Of Roses had everything from facial creams and eye contour creams to rose lemonade and bath bombs. Basically as soon as I get more money I’m just going to order the whole shop, so there’s that.

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