LondonEdge 2017

This weekend I was lucky enough to get to go to LondonEdge again! LondonEdge is a trade show of alternative fashion, jewellery and beauty brands and honestly one of my favourite places on earth. It’s always lovely to be able to chat to the brands about new and current collections and get to see what’s coming out this season! I’m so interested in alternative fashion so to me, it’s great that there’s a show specifically for this kind of genre.
I also had a great time hanging out with Jess, Rachel, Gem, Emma and Lucy! All their names are linked to their blogs, so definitely go and check them out! These gals are EVERYTHING and made the show such a fab day, I was so happy to finally get to meet them! They’re all absolutely ace bloggers too – we love how we all have such different style but with a lot of common themes between us as it makes for some really unique people.
Special shoutouts go to my favourite brands of the weekend Charla Tedrick, PyroPet Candles, Fearless Illustrations, Herman’s Amazing Hair Colour, Pamela Mann, YRU and TUK shoes – particular thanks to Pamela Mann and Herman’s for gifting me with some products! I always love to look around the stands and honestly, the people who run all of them are just so nice. I’ve been mentally spending my paycheck on everything I need that I’ve spotted today. Charla Tedrick and TUK are the shoes I NEED in my life, y’all know how much I live for shoes.
Fearless Illustrations are a new brand to me but I totally fell in love with so many of the items on their stall – that’s half of what I’ve been mentally spending all my money on!
Take a look below at some of my favourite snaps from the show!
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