LondonEdge September 2018

LondonEdge September 2018 marks (I think) the fifth time I’ve been to Edge and every time it gets better and better.

LondonEdge marks itself as “the ultimate creative & commercial fashion trade show”, a place for alternative, goth, pin up and every brand in between to showcase their upcoming collections to buyers and audience. It’s reached the status of being one of my favourite places.

Every season I get to hang out with my “blogger squad” which sounds cliche even saying it. However, I’ve made the best friends through blogging and couldn’t be happier for the opportunity to get to hang with them while checking out some incredible brands and collections.

This show was the first time I’d had the time off work and managed to stay for the afterparty and I’m SO glad I did! Hosted by Suicide Girls Dis-Grace, the afterparty featured performances by Rebecca Crow, Linzie Belle and some of the other Suicide Girls. It’s definitely well worth a visit. They also hosted the awards ceremony. One of my all-time fave brands from the show, Strange Cvlt, won an award which is so well deserved.

LondonEdge also do a number of catwalks throughout the two-day show and while this normally isn’t one of my personal favourite parts of the show, I actually really enjoyed the one I caught on the Saturday this year! One thing I loved from it was that they did a festival edit featuring a load of awesome outfits, including leopard print, which I’ve never been happier to see in fashion.

One of the things I have to say about LondonEdge is that it’s always confused me why they don’t use alternative models for the catwalk shows – for almost an entirely alternative/goth trade show, I feel like while they are beautiful, the models don’t portray the target market of the brands at all. However, I appreciate the fact that they have a catwalk show at all. It’s a fantastic way for the brands at Edge to show off what they’re exhibiting! I just wish they showed it on models who look more like the people who will be wearing the clothes in real life.

All that being said, I had an incredible time at LondonEdge September 2018! Thank you so much to the team there for inviting me back and I’m already looking forward to February 2019’s show. Check out all the (hundreds of) photos I got below!

LondonEdge September 2018 Photo Gallery 

Shoes ft TUK, Demonia, Pleasers, New Rock, Steel Ground, YRU and Strange Cvlt

TUK Holographic Creepers | LondonEdge September 2018

Clothes ft Cosmic, Wilde Mode, Fearless Illustrations, Hell Bunny

Fearless Illustrations Bad News dress | LondonEdge September 2018

Accessories ft Collectif, Dr Faust,1985 LDN, Chronicles Clothing, Corpore Sanctum, Little Pig Jewellery Design, Kennedy Designs, Gipsy Tights, Mad Pax, Banned, Jawbreaker, Punky Pins, Oh Deer & more

Collectif Rainbow Holographic Bag | LondonEdge September 2018
1985 LDN Purse


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