Love Drop Subscription Box Review*

We all love a good subscription box – 2018 fully solidified their rise in popularity in my opinion. But did you know you could get a satisfying date night for you and your partner delivered right to your door every other month? If not, then you should be checking out the LoveDrop  sex toy subscription box.

LoveDrop Sex Subscription Box

Labelled as “more than just a toy box”, LoveDrop is a date night subscription box sent out every other month featuring sex toys, activities, gifts, samples and there’s even an option to select a box with lingerie (size-inclusive, you can select either “One Size” or “One Size Queen”, the plus-size option). As I love lingerie I went for this option under the reassurance from LoveDrop that what’s included would fit. I’m an awkward bra size at a 32G so I wouldn’t have chosen that option if I felt the lingerie included wouldn’t fit in any way!

What’s included in the LoveDrop Subscription Box

The Basics

I’ll start with the most basic items included in the box. First off there was a little booklet explaining about the box, and including info about every toy. This was a nice little addition as if you weren’t sure what something was or how to use it, it tells you right in there. Saves having to mess around with googling!

Something I usually don’t like in subscription boxes but did in this one was the quote card. I usually find these are stupid little motivational quotes that nobody really likes but LoveDrop was different. Included was a lovely little quote from Marilyn Monroe saying “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.” I think this is a subtle little hint to the contents of the box while still being SFW and something you could easily display in your home.

Marilyn Monroe LoveDrop Box quote card

The Sex Toys

I can’t lie, the thing I was most excited for in the LoveDrop Box was the sex toys. For a little backstory, LoveDrop aren’t just a sex toy subscription box. Their aim is to create date night boxes to give couples of all genders the opportunity to explore together, learn, experience and really just try new things. Whether you’re new to using toys or have some history under your belt, they try to create boxes everyone will love.

One thing I LOVE about this box is the option to specify the style of your relationship. You options for the box include gay, straight, lesbian, polyamourous +1 and polyamourous +2. This inclusivity makes me SO happy to see as it really allows you to tailor the subscription to your own lifestyle and relationship.

However, onto the contents itself.

Quickie Cuffs

I was actually really excited to see a set of Quickie Cuffs as I’d heard about these just before reading the box. One of the first items people start using when they start experimenting seem to be handcuffs, and Quickie Cuffs have found a real gap in the market.

While traditional handcuffs can be loud and annoying and you have to deal with keys, fluffy handcuffs just seem gimmicky and the alternative is using ties – I don’t know about you but pausing your /session/ to try and tie a decent knot can be a temporary mood killer. Quickie Cuffs slip on, are made of a strong silicone, sleek and really just remove all the impracticalities you don’t need in a pair of cuffs.

Quickie Cuffs handcuffs

Eye Mask, Feather Tickler & Flogger

For me, eye masks, feather ticklers and floggers are staple items in my box of tricks. Unfortunately I already own these three items! However, I think if you’re new to experimentation and haven’t really bought much for yourself, this month’s LoveDrop box includes some really great basic items to start off your collection. I’ve kept all of these in their respective packing in the intention I may do a giveaway of them at some point simply because I don’t need duplicates really – if this is something you’d be interested in, let me know! What I will note is they all seem like really good quality items, so kudos to LoveDrop for that.

LoveDrop basics items
OptiMale Silicone Stroker
LoveDrop Box Male Stroker

I received the straight version of this box, which includes a traditionally “male” and “female” item (I know others have included couples toys etc previously). In this box, the “male” item included was an OptiMale Silicone Stroker. I personally don’t have much to say about this item as it’s not had a chance to be used yet, but for couples with an active sex life, male strokers seem to be a good place to start.

Rose 10-Function Bullet Vibrator

This is a brand I actually haven’t heard of before, but the item seems like really good quality. I personally feel you can’t go wrong with a bullet vibrator – they’re another staple in my box and I think can be used for equal levels of fun no matter your gender. This one has 10 functions and a beautiful floral pattern embossed in the silicone down the side.

Rose Bullet Vibrator


The lingerie included in this box was a cute little Dreamgirl lace apron and included cut-out love heart pants. Honestly this isn’t something I’d have chosen myself and the fit for me is a little off. I received the “One Size Queen” option as I have quite a large chest and rest at a small size 14, so unfortunately this is just generally a bit too large on me – a shame as I actually love the included pants! If you are a bit of an awkward size I might recommend subscribing to the LoveDrop box that comes without lingerie.


As for the samples included, a selection of lubes was provided – something you can never have too much of! Everything from salted caramel flavour to desensitising gel was in the 13-strong selection, so there’s something to cover every situation you may happen to find yourself in.

If you’re interested in subscribing to LoveDrop and receiving a different date night box sent directly to you every other month, you can do so here! LoveDrop retails for £66.76 bi-monthly.

Would you subscribe to a date night/sex toy subscription box? Comment below!

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