Lush Portsmouth Halloween & Christmas Launch Event

Lush events are always great – I’ve been to a fair few now and always have a lot of fun! I’ve been patiently waiting this year to not buy anything until the event, knowing it would be just after pay day so I could treat myself a bit!
The event was put on by the lovely Laura who I think has worked in Lush Portsmouth at least for as long as I’ve been living in the area! She promised a fun, exciting night and didn’t fail to deliver.
All the staff were dressed up to the nines with some fantastic costumes and there was an amazing spread of Halloween-themed food and drink including cookies based on the Bewitched bubble bar which were all vegan and absolutely delicious.

Each staff member had a base, running us all through skincare, perfumes, bath products, shower products and even a couple of stations where we could make products! We all got to pot up a Rosy Cheeks face mask which I was so happy about as this is one of my favourites, make a Sunnyside bubble bar and a Butterbear bath bomb.

They also ran a competition to make something out of Fun, with prizes for the winners! For those not familiar with Lush’s extensive product catalogue, Fun is a dough-like product which comes in a variety of colours and scents, can be moulded into anything you like and used as a shower gel, bubble bath, soap and can even be used to wash your clothes! I’ve used the pink and gold ones in the past and loved both.
The competition as to make a creature of some sort with the chance for first and second prizes in two groups. I was part of the second group and actually won second prize, which was the gorgeous Mystic knot wrap (actually one of my faves) and a bottle of Lord Of Misrule shower cream, a Lush product I’ve never actually used before!

For those interested, I made Female Gary the Snail – no shame.

The lovely Portsmouth staff were on hand to run us through all the new Halloween and Christmas ranges, plus Lush’s theme this year of Naked products. Each year Lush has a theme and this year they’re doing their best to reduce the amount of packaging used having introduced a range of Naked body conditioners, solid shower gels and of course their bubble bars and bath bombs which are already packaging-free.

Lush Sparkly Pumpkin | The Colour ChroniclesLush The Snowman Bubbleroon | The Colour ChroniclesLush Magic Wand Bubble Bar | The Colour Chronicles Lush The Magic Of Christmas Bubble Bar | The Colour ChroniclesLush Snow Fairy Fun | The Colour ChroniclesLush Twilight Shimmer Bar | The Colour ChroniclesLush Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar | The Colour ChroniclesLush Christmas Tree Bath Oil | The Colour ChroniclesLush Pumpkin Bath Bomb | The Colour ChroniclesLush Metamorphosis Bath Bomb | The Colour ChroniclesLush Bubble Bar | The Colour ChroniclesLush Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar | The Colour Chronicles

Let’s take a look through the products I picked up at the event! I’d been running out of pretty much everything I’ve been using so I knew I needed to restock on a couple of things but waited til the event, partly because I could get some info on the new products and partly because it was just after payday so I knew I’d be able to treat myself a bit!
As mentioned, I won the bottle of Lord of Misrule in the Fun competition, as well as the knot wrap and we got to take our creations home with us! I’m planning on using mine pretty soon as it seems to be melting a tad in the open air.

Lush Lord Of Misrule Shower Gel | The Colour Chronicles

We also got our Rosy Cheeks face masks, a cute little Goth Fairy shimmer bar from the Christmas range and a slice of Hedgewitch soap from the Halloween range in my goodie bag – we had the choice between a skincare or bath goodie bag and I chose skincare as I don’t have a bath!
I’m still using the Goth Fairy bar my sister got me for Christmas last year so I’m quite happy to have a fresh one to use, and the Hedgewitch soap has a lovely berry scent too – I’m going to be using this straight away as I’ve managed to run out of all my soaps and shower gels this week.

Lush Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar | The Colour Chronicles

As for products I bought myself, I did have a little treat yo self moment!
Rub Rub Rub is one of my all-time favourite Lush products and I stock up every time I run out, so this was simply a routine restock for me. As I’ve recently run out of my Rose Jam shower gel, I grabbed the new Naked version – this is supposed to last for twice as long as a regular bottle, so I’m intrigued to see how it holds up!
I’d noticed the Golden Pear soap last time I went into the shop and was patiently waiting to get my hands on it – I love the scent of pear and this is so close to the real thing, if it wasn’t glittery I’d think it was edible!
Last, but not least, I can never resist a good lip tint. The Black Rose tint reacts to the pH balance of your skin to form your perfect shade of pink. By no means a new innovation, this one is done much better than most other similar products I’ve tried. The tint is much more of a stain, lasting a good 24 hours without really fading at all and it’s a very comfortable formula!
One thing I love about this is that the shade it turns is the exact same colour as my hair – it’s comforting to know I can tell what my perfect pink is!

Lush Portsmouth Christmas Haul | The Colour ChroniclesLush Rose Jam Naked Shower Gel | The Colour ChroniclesLush Black Rose Lip Tint | The Colour ChroniclesLush Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub | The Colour ChroniclesLush Rosy Cheeks Face Mask | The Colour ChroniclesLush Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub | The Colour Chronicles

Thank you so much to Lush Portsmouth and Laura for inviting me along and putting on such a fantastic night!
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