Lush Portsmouth Reopening VIP Event

The Lush in Portsmouth recently closed for a long, long month for refurbishment to both extend the store and generally improve the layout and I received an invitation to their VIP reopening event the night before the store officially opened again on March 24th, 2017. At the event we received the chance to make products, eat some lovely vegan canapes by Hungry Herbivores and drink some prosecco – always a bonus in my eyes.

First off, the new store layout is so much better than previous – the till is now by the door and the store almost operates a one-way system, making sure people are spread around the store whereas previously they always seemed to gather in a few key areas. It also probably says something about the amount of time I spend in the Lush Portsmouth shop that I know that! The new decor also has much more of an Oxford Street feel to it, which I absolutely loved!

I’ve been to an event at Lush Portsmouth before a long time ago where we got to make The Comforter. This time we got the choice between The Comforter or Creamy Candy bubble bars, but I went for The Comforter again as it’s my fave. Making Lush products is always so fun and a great way for customers to see how much art goes into it and how difficult it actually is! My Comforter bar last time came out looking way better than this one, but it’s still a lot of fun to do.

There was a huge selection of food on offer throughout the night all made by Rosie and Dillon, who run the Hungry Herbivores blog. The range consisted of onion bhajis and mango chutney, beetroot rolls, chocolate brownies and even mini banoffee pie shots, which were amazing! My favourites throughout were the chocolate brownies because I have a massive sweet tooth. Lush were also offering prosecco and three different types of smoothies – I had some of the prosecco and a green smoothie which was really refreshing.

One of my favourite things about the night was the amount of exclusive products on offer. They had some of the Easter Egg range which is only available online and in the Oxford Street store, as well as Mother Earth which is a bath bomb the size of my face! I ended up picking up Integgalactic  and Mother Earth as well as a few other products which I’ll blog about soon.

Something I really enjoyed about the night was the chance to try out some of the Lush makeup range, which the Portsmouth store did already have but I never paid much attention to. Their lipsticks and eyeliners are interchangeable and can be used as both so I ended up adding one of the red lipsticks to my eyeliner look and the formula was incredible, Hopefully I’ll be able to add some of their makeup to my collection in future.

I also received a skin consultation and got the chance to try out two fresh face masks on my hands to see which I preferred. I traded in five of my black pots for a pot of BB Seaweed which I’m looking forward to trying out.

Thank you so much to Lush for having me and I can’t wait to spend more time in the store in future! Keep your eyes out for a post on what other products I picked up over the night and what we got in our goodie bags! Take a look through some of the photos I got from the night.





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