Lush The Birth Of Venus Jelly Face Mask Review

We all love a good face mask. I like to take as good care of my skin as I can, so I’ll try and use a face mask whenever I get the opportunity, usually once a week or once a fortnight. I popped into my local Lush a couple of weeks back to grab something for my giveaway and take a look at the new jelly face mask range. One of the girls (I keep forgetting to ask names!) showed me The Birth Of Venus, which is best for my combination skin, and tested it out of the back of my hand for me.

Lush The Birth Of Venus Jelly Face Mask | The Colour Chronicles

All of the jelly face masks have seaweed as their base to form the jelly texture. The Birth of Venus also has kaolin clay and lavender, both of which are great for the skin and lavender really helps balance your skin – it’s one of the key ingredients in the Khadi Pink Lotus Oil I’ve been using recently. The scent of this mask is lovely, fresh and relaxing – it definitely reminds me of a spa day! If you don’t like lavender I wouldn’t worry at all. The scent of it doesn’t come through much.

How to use the Jelly Face Masks

I thought these would be as tricky to keep hold of as the shower jellies but they’re much easier to use. You simply take a pinch in dry hands, rub it around your palm to form a paste and apply to your dry face. The only issue I have is I’m finding it a little difficult to get an even layer applied, but apart from that I’m loving the results! I can definitely feel an improvement in the balance of my skin and I can tell the difference it’s been making in dealing with the oily patches of my face.

Lush The Birth Of Venus Jelly Face Mask | The Colour Chronicles

The Results

My skin has, in parts, been feeling a little dry straight after using it (where it was already dry before) so I’d recommend using this if you lean towards the oilier side! However, this dryness is nothing a moisturiser can’t sort out – I use my Khadi face oil before bed anyway which replenishes any lost moisture. Despite the dryness, I actually love this – it’s great for evening out my combination skin and reducing red tones.
Coming in at £6.95 each, I’d say the jelly face masks are great value – I’m estimating I can get around 10-12 uses out of this pot, which works out at less then £1 per application – can’t turn my nose up at that! There’s also the slight novelty of smooshing jelly all around your face too which is fun no matter what age you are.
Have you tried out any of the Jelly Face Masks? Let me know in the comments!
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