MAC Chromaline Review

I’ve honestly completely given up hiding my MAC obsession these days. For my 22nd birthday, Mumma Smith got me a MAC gift card but it’s taken me til now to spend it as I couldn’t decide what I wanted and I’ve been trying to curb my outrageous lipstick collection.
In the end I settled on two Chromalines, in the shades Hi-Def Cyan and Process Magenta, which retail for £16.50 each. They also had an offer on for a free sample, so I got a mini In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash, one of my favourite mascaras.

MAC Chromaline Hi-Def Cyan & Process Magenta | The Colour ChroniclesMAC Chromaline Hi-Def Cyan & Process Magenta | The Colour Chronicles

The Chromalines are labelled as “A waterproof gel/cream that offers long wear and intense colour with matte coverage” which is absolutely true on all counts.


With a texture falling midway between a gel and a cream, they blend like butter and apply so smoothly it’s almost hard to believe. I’ve been using a Sephora eyeliner brush which I picked up in New York to apply these which work like a charm – it’s one of my favourite eyeliner brushes to use anyway.


After application, they take a little while to dry but once dried they’re not budging ALL DAY. They’re absolutely waterproof too, which is usually a very bold claim for a brand to make. I have hooded eyelids so I often have a problem with transfer onto my upper lids but there was no sign of that, either – I’m seriously impressed.

MAC Chromaline Hi-Def Cyan & Process Magenta | The Colour Chronicles

The Chromalines can also be easily blended together to make custom colours – for one look, I blended the two together to create a gorgeous lilac shade. In the look below, you can see how I used them separately and blended together in the middle for a nice transition between colours.

MAC Chromaline Hi-Def Cyan & Process Magenta | The Colour Chronicles

For £16.50, while I’d never normally pay that much for an eyeliner, these pots are huge! As with all eyeliners, a little goes a long way and they can be used for graphic looks too, which I can’t wait to have a play around with. I’m absolutely dying for more colours in the range – I want to mix them all together and paint a rainbow on my face. Next on my wishlist are Landscape Green and Marine Ultra, though I really want the whole collection.

MAC Chromaline Hi-Def Cyan & Process Magenta | The Colour Chronicles

This is a look I did using the NYX Ultimate Brights Palette, which I’m so in love with – I haven’t put it down since buying it. This is actually after a full day’s wear – I had to top up the eyeshadow a bit as it had faded slightly, but the eyeliner was still going strong! Should probably have plucked my eyebrows before taking these photos but who’s got time for that?

MAC Chromaline Hi-Def Cyan & Process Magenta Swatch | The Colour Chronicles

Would I repurchase? Absolutely, but I’m not sure I’m going to run out of these any time EVER as the pots are so large! Have you ever used any MAC Chromalines? What are your thoughts?
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