May Favourites

May was a month in which I bought or used quite a lot of summery stuff which I wanted to blog about but didn’t really know how.  This has led to me sticking it all in a favourites/haul post and hoping for the best!

Ok so I don’t normally go into Topshop because I can never afford anything in there but fate called to me. On the last chance rail next to the door was this shirt – the last one in the shop and it was my size. What was I supposed to do?? It’s literally perfect. After dropping £27 on it (£30 without student discount), I have no shame because there was no way I was leaving the shop without it. This has become a wardrobe staple for me.

At the end of May, I took a trip up to Camden to go and see Breaking Benjamin’s first ever UK show and while there, had a look round Camden Market because it’s basically my second home. While there I found this pretty nifty Guns N  Roses baseball shirt for £12 and treated myself. It’s a little bit of a dodgy length on me so I’m thinking about cutting it just below the print to make it slightly cropped, but we’ll see.

In Camden I also fell in love with the Nabi London stall where they had some gorgeous bar necklaces. I got one in silver and rose gold as I hate yellow gold and it’s just so delicate and pretty.

Of course in May I was preparing for festival season so I grabbed a couple of little bits from Primark. I needed a travel hairbrush of sorts as I didn’t want to ruin any of my hairbrushes and this one only cost me £1, plus it folds in which is what I was looking for. Little bottles are always a necessity and Primark do sets for £1 – I put shampoo and suncream in them, although lost the suncream bottle while at Download!

Portable phone chargers are something of a necessity at festivals – this one cost me £6 and only does half a charge which is a bit crap, but at was useful when I was completely out of battery as it’s small and handy.

I got these Juju jelly shoes ages ago for a fiver in the Schuh sale but haven’t really worn them as it hasn’t been summery enough. However, the sun has started to make an appearance so I’m cracking out the pastel aesthetics.

Finally, having just graduated, I couldn’t leave Portsmouth without grabbing something from Love Southsea, a really cool brand down here. They are always at the market round the corner from my house and I’ve been eyeing up their t-shirts for ages, and when I found out they were reduced to a tenner each I bought the pirate and mermaid shirts, plus a couple of awesome postcards by local artists which were £1 each.

The only downside of these shirts is the sizing – I bought large so I’d have a bit of wiggle room in them but they’re huge! I don’t mind this because I wear huge t-shirts quite often but they’re not particularly true to size.

Last but not least, suncream. I’m an avid hater of suncream – I don’t mind the smell but I hate the sticky feeling of it and I can never seem to escape it. A while ago I somehow ended up with a free bottle of Lush’s Sesame Suntan Lotion which smells like walnuts and, for the most part, isn’t too sticky which I really like.

I’m sure as summer progresses I’ll have a load more favourites, but those are mine for now! What have you been loving now the sun is making an appearance?

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