Mani Monday // Nails Inc Oregon’s Out

I’ve never done a Mani Monday post – normally because I bite my nails too short from stress or because I never remember to take photos before my nails chip. Somehow though I remembered this time, go me.

I’m all about free nail polishes and Nails Inc are my all time favourite nail polish brand because they dry super fast, the shades are opaque af and they tend to last pretty well without chipping. However, they are a little pricey at between £12-£15 per polish. Therefore, whenever I see them included free with magazines, I always grab one or two – this shade, Oregon’s Out came free with InStyle in April, but there is a similar colour on their website.

I have a lot of blues in my nail polish collection but mainly teals or really dark shades – nothing similar to this gorgeous cobalt colour and I love it. The formula is the same as all their standard polishes, it dries so quickly. This one seems to have a semi-matte finish – I wouldn’t say it’s completely matte but it’s definitely not as glossy as a regular polish, something else I love about it.

One coat was slightly patchy but you could probably get away with it, however two coats provides a flawless finish. If you wanted a more glossy finish you could use a topcoat, but I can’t be bothered with that and I like the semi-matte finish! This is a new favourite in my vast collection of nail polishes.